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Design of High-Speed LSM Rotary Type Testing Machine in Consideration of Mechanical Strength
The rotary type testing machine undergoes mechanical stress as an external force is applied. In case of the rotary type testing machine, even a tiny flaw results in a fatal demage because the size ofExpand
Insulation tests of Continuously Transposed Coated Conductors for a high voltage superconducting transformer
A cryogenic insulation technique for a high voltage and a large current capacity of a conductor are now two big issues in a field of recent R&D projects of superconducting power devices, especially aExpand
A study on the characteristics analysis according to the permanent magnet segmentation change to IPMSM for urban railway vehicle
The following study carried out the characteristic analysis based on the magnet segment of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor(IPMSM) for the urban railway vehicles. Expand