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Spherical near-field antenna measurements
From the material presented here, it is clear that the theory underlying the SNF approach is complex and involved to implement. However, it is also very elegant and provides one with many measurementExpand
Antennas and propagation for on-body communication systems
On-body communication channels are of increasing interest for a number of applications, such as medical-sensor networks, emergency-service workers, and personal communications. This paper describesExpand
Antennas and propagation for body centric wireless communications
On-body propagation modelling has been investigated applying various numerical computational techniques for narrowband communication channel characterisation and simulation and measurement results have been obtained at the UWB (ultra wide-band) band. Expand
Study of a printed circular disc monopole antenna for UWB systems
This paper presents a study of a novel monopole antenna for ultrawide-band (UWB) applications. Printed on a dielectric substrate and fed by a 50 /spl Omega/ microstrip line, a planar circular discExpand
Printed circular disc monopole antenna for ultra-wideband applications
A novel and simple design of a printed circular disc monopole antenna for ultra-wideband applications is presented. The parameters which affect the performance of the antenna are investigated. GoodExpand
Printed circular ring monopole antennas
This paper presents a novel design of printed circular-ring monopole antennas for ultra-wideband (UWB) applications. A circular-disc ring printed on a dielectric substrate and fed by a 50Ω microstripExpand
Discrete Green's function formulation of the FDTD method and its application in antenna modeling
A discrete Green's function formulation of the finite-difference time-domain (DGF-FDTD) method based on both discrete system theory and the FDTD method has been developed, which expresses the fieldExpand
Principles of planar near-field antenna measurements
This single volume provides a comprehensive introduction and explanation of both the theory and practice of 'Planar Near-Field Antenna Measurement' from its basic postulates and assumptions, to theExpand
Wideband Spectrum Sensing on Real-Time Signals at Sub-Nyquist Sampling Rates in Single and Cooperative Multiple Nodes
Two new algorithms for wideband spectrum sensing at sub-Nyquist sampling rates, for both single nodes and cooperative multiple nodes are presented and are evaluated on the TV white space, in which pioneering work aimed at enabling dynamic spectrum access into practice has been promoted. Expand
Design and Performance Investigation of a Dual-Element PIFA Array at 2.5 GHz for MIMO Terminal
A study is described of a modified planar inverted-F antenna (PIFA) operating in 2.5 GHz band on a printed circuit board (PCB) of a mobile phone handset. The antenna dimension is reducedExpand