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The general specifications of the MEDITS surveys
An international bottom trawl survey was designed from a European Commission´s initiative to produce biological data on the demersal resources in the Mediterranean Sea. Nine Mediterranean countriesExpand
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Fisheries in the Mediterranean
The aim of this paper is to give a description of the Mediterranean fisheries, and its level of exploitation and to address the main questions dealing with its management. The Mediterranean is aExpand
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Bottom trawl discards in the northeastern Mediterranean Sea
Abstract Discard practices of trawlers in three main areas of the Aegean and western Ionian Seas were examined. Data collected on board commercial vessels during 3 years (1995–1998) of seasonalExpand
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Changes in wild fish assemblages after the establishment of a fish farming zone in an oligotrophic marine ecosystem
The species composition, abundance and diversity of demersal fish assemblages has been investigated in an oligotrophic coastal bay in the Aegean Sea which is a designated zone for the development ofExpand
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Deep-water fish fauna in the Eastern Ionian Sea
Existing information on the ichthyofauna of the Eastern Ionian Sea (Greece) was enriched by a recent research project carried out in its northern part at depths ranging from 300 to 1200 m. TheExpand
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The biology of the giant red shrimp (Aristaeomorpha foliacea) at an unexploited fishing ground in the Greek Ionian Sea
Abstract Experimental trawl sampling was carried out along the Greek coast of the Ionian Sea between January and December 1997 at three depth zones: >500, 500–600 and 500 m), the young-of-the-year inExpand
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Distribution of Mullus barbatus and M. surmuletus (Osteichthyes: Perciformes) in the Mediterranean continental shelf: implications for management
The present work attempts to study the spatio-temporal distribution of Mullus barbatus and M. surmuletus in the Mediterranean Sea by using a time series of data from an international bottom trawlExpand
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