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Cross‐species transfer of nuclear microsatellite markers: potential and limitations
Molecular ecologists increasingly require ‘universal’ genetic markers that can easily be transferred between species. The distribution of cross‐species transferability of nuclear microsatellite lociExpand
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Phylogeographical patterns shed light on evolutionary process in South America
The South American continent is composed of several biogeographical regions harbouring the highest biodiversity on the globe, encompassing five of the world's biodiversity ‘hot spots’. Nonetheless,Expand
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Sympatric bromeliad species (Pitcairnia spp.) facilitate tests of mechanisms involved in species cohesion and reproductive isolation in Neotropical inselbergs
The roles of intra‐ and interspecific gene flow in speciation and species evolution are topics of great current interest in molecular ecology and evolutionary biology. Recent modelling studies callExpand
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A set of polymorphic microsatellite loci for Vriesea gigantea and Alcantarea imperialis (Bromeliaceae) and cross-amplification in other bromeliad species
Fifteen polymorphic microsatellite markers were isolated and characterized in two species of Bromeliaceae: Vriesea gigantea and Alcantarea imperialis . The number of alleles observed for each locusExpand
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Hybridization and introgression across different ploidy levels in the Neotropical orchids Epidendrum fulgens and E. puniceoluteum (Orchidaceae)
The hypothesis of gene flow between species with large differences in chromosome numbers has rarely been tested in the wild, mainly because species of different ploidy are commonly assumed to beExpand
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Phylogeographic studies provide an important framework for investigating the mechanisms operating during the earliest stages of speciation, as reproductive barriers can be examined among divergentExpand
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Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci in Pitcairnia albiflos (Bromeliaceae), an endemic bromeliad from the Atlantic Rainforest, and cross‐amplification in other species
Eight microsatellite markers were isolated from Pitcairnia albiflos, an endangered endemic bromeliad species restricted to ‘inselberg’ rock outcrops in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The numberExpand
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Integrating different tools to disentangle species complexes: A case study in Epidendrum (Orchidaceae)
Species delimitation remains a central problem in systematic, taxonomic and evolutionary studies. However, the precise delimitation of species depends on the criteria used to identify lineages andExpand
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Chromosome number of Orthophytum species (Bromeliaceae)
SummaryThe genus Orthophytum Beer comprises 53 species, all narrow endemics to south-eastern and north-eastern Brazil. In this study we present meiotic and mitotic chromosome numbers of 12 species ofExpand
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Chloroplast microsatellite markers for the Neotropical orchid genus Epidendrum, and cross-amplification in other Laeliinae species (Orchidaceae)
One of the most significant challenges confronting orchid researchers is the lack of specific molecular markers, mainly for species in the Neotropics. Here we report the first set of specificExpand
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