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New postcranial elements of the Thalassodrominae (Pterodactyloidea, Tapejaridae) from the Romualdo Formation (Aptian–Albian), Santana Group, Araripe Basin, Brazil
Tapejarids are edentate pterosaurs recovered mainly from Early Cretaceous deposits. They are diagnosed by five synapomorphies, among which only one is postcra- nial: a broad and well-developedExpand
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A new Permian temnospondyl with Russian affinities from South America, the new family Konzhukoviidae, and the phylogenetic status of Archegosauroidea
A new Permian temnospondyl from South America is described and considered to represent a new species – Konzhukovia sangabrielensis sp. nov. – of the genus Konzhukovia previously recorded exclusivelyExpand
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Early evolution of sauropodomorphs: anatomy and phylogenetic relationships of a remarkably well-preserved dinosaur from the Upper Triassic of southern Brazil
1Centro de Apoio à Pesquisa Paleontológica, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Santa Maria, RS 97105-900, Brazil 2Programa de Pós Graduação em Biodiversidade Animal, Universidade Federal de SantaExpand
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The role of ontogeny on character polarization in early dinosaurs: a new specimen from the Late Triassic of southern Brazil and its implications
Abstract Only recently, new ontogenetic series of early dinosaurs and related groups have been described. Here, we present an isolated immature dinosauriform femur from the Late Triassic of southernExpand
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A new aetosaur from the Upper Triassic of the Santa Maria Formation, southern Brazil.
Aetosaurs are armored pseudosuchian archosaurs widespread in Upper Triassic units. In South America, four taxa were previously recorded: Aetosauroides scagliai, Neoaetosauroides engaeus,Expand
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Prozostrodon brasiliensis, a probainognathian cynodont from the Late Triassic of Brazil: second record and improvements on its dental anatomy
Abstract Probainognathian cynodonts are conspicuous elements of the Assemblage Zones of the Triassic Santa Maria Supersequence in southern Brazil. Within this group, the derived cladeExpand
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Gnathovorax cabreirai: a new early dinosaur and the origin and initial radiation of predatory dinosaurs
Predatory dinosaurs were an important ecological component of terrestrial Mesozoic ecosystems. Though theropod dinosaurs carried this role during the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods (and probably theExpand
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Wachholz, a new exquisite dinosaur-bearing fossiliferous site from the Upper Triassic of southern Brazil
Abstract The present contribution reports a new fossiliferous site from the Caturrita Formation (Upper Triassic of Parana Basin, Southern Brazil), which yields articulate, complete, associated, andExpand
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The physiological and growth response of Acacia caven under water stress and the application of different levels of biosolids
Acacia caven (Mol.) Mol. (Leguminosae), generally known as “espino,” is one of the most common tree species in the Mediterranean region of Chile. This species grows in nutritionally poor soils withExpand
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