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Specialization of tendon mechanical properties results from interfascicular differences
Tendons transfer force from muscle to bone. Specific tendons, including the equine superficial digital flexor tendon (SDFT), also store and return energy. For efficient function, energy-storingExpand
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Capacity for sliding between tendon fascicles decreases with ageing in injury prone equine tendons: a possible mechanism for age-related tendinopathy?
Age-related tendinopathy is common in both humans and horses; the initiation and progression of which is similar between species. The majority of tendon injuries occur to high-strain energy storingExpand
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An in vitro investigation into the effects of 10 Hz cyclic loading on tenocyte metabolism
Tendinopathy is a prevalent, highly debilitating condition, with poorly defined etiology. A wide range of clinical treatments has been proposed, with systematic reviews largely supporting shock waveExpand
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