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The Effect of Melt Flow on the Dendrite Morphology
The anisotropy of dendritic structure is characterized in this paper. The direction of move of liquid/solid interface influence the velocity of the melt flow. In the course of the experiments theExpand
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The aim of this work was to produce high-quality pellet fuel from preselected biomass raw materials (i.e. Swedish willow species domesticated as energy crops; agricultural/food processingExpand
An Assessement of the Correlation Between Fuels and Depositions in the Combustion Chamber of the Miskolc Biomass Heating Plant
Modern district heating systems represent an attractive alternative in the view of inhabitants accomodating their demand for thermal energy. Production of thermal energy in biomass combustion boilersExpand
The 'In Situ' Investigation of Solidification
In this paper the authors describe the effect of gravity field on t he characteristics of developing dendritic structure during solidification if the movement dire ction of solid/liquid interface isExpand
A New Technique for Characterization of Residual Stresses in Glass Surfaces: Scratch Test Completed with Image Analysis
Residual stresses significantly influence the strength and lifetime of the glass products, therefore their qualification and quantification during production is basically important for evaluatingExpand
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Effect of Direction of Solidification on the Dendritic Structure
In this paper, the effect of the gravitation field on the characteristics of dendritic structures is described during solidification by changing the direction of movement of the solid-melt interfaceExpand
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