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Paired changes in electromechanical delay and musculo-tendinous stiffness after endurance or plyometric training
When measured in vivo electromechanical delay (EMD) depends mainly on the elastic properties of the muscle–tendon unit. Recent studies have shown changes in stiffness of the triceps surae (TS)Expand
Evaluation of musculotendinous stiffness in prepubertal children and adults, taking into account muscle activity.
Musculotendinous (MT) stiffness of the triceps surae (TS) muscle group was quantified in 28 prepubertal children (7-10 yr) by using quick-release movements at different levels of submaximalExpand
Voluntary activation of the triceps surae in prepubertal children.
The activation capacities and neuromuscular efficiency (NME) of the triceps surae (TS) of prepubescent children (7-11 years) and adults were evaluated during submaximal and maximal (MVC) isometricExpand
Neuromuscular Efficiency of the Triceps Surae in Induced and Voluntary Contractions: Morning and Evening Evaluations
Variations in force and electromyographic (EMG) activities of skeletal muscles with the time-of-day have been previously described, but not for a postural muscle, submitted to daily postural andExpand
Effects of long-term spaceflight on mechanical properties of muscles in humans.
The effects of long-term spaceflight (90-180 days) on the contractile and elastic characteristics of the human plantarflexor muscles were studied in 14 cosmonauts before and 2-3 days after landing.Expand
Differential effect of knee extension isometric training on the different muscles of the quadriceps femoris in humans
Abstract This study determined the effects of a short period of knee isometric training on the quadriceps muscles accessible to surface electromyography (EMG). For this purpose, a training (n=9) andExpand
Age-Related Changes in Twitch Properties of Plantar Flexor Muscles in Prepubertal Children
The twitch of the triceps surae muscle (TS), which characterizes the contractile properties independently of volition, differs in amplitude, but not in time course, when evoked in pre or postpubertalExpand
Changes in stretch reflexes and muscle stiffness with age in prepubescent children.
Musculo-articular stiffness of the triceps surae (TS) increases with age in prepubescent children, under both passive and active conditions. This study investigates whether these changes in muscleExpand
Quantification of T- and H-responses before and after a period of endurance training
SummaryTendon (T-) and Hoffmann (H-) responses in the soleus muscle were quantified either separately or in association to compare the mononeurons activated and to study their changes after a periodExpand
Changes in stiffness induced by hindlimb suspension in rat Achilles tendon
Abstract The aim of this study was to measure the effects of hindlimb suspension on mechanical properties of the rat Achilles tendon. Adult male Wistar rats were randomly assigned to groups to beExpand