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Synthesis of 4‐Alkylpyrazoles as Inhibitors of Liver Alcohol Dehydrogenase
The new 4‐isopentyl and the already known 4‐octylpyrazole have been prepared by a novel route and tested as inhibitor of horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase giving the result predicted by the theoretical studies.
Antiviral activity of uridine 5'-diphosphate glucose analogues against some enveloped viruses in cell culture.
Twenty five analogues of uridine 5'-diphosphate glucose were screened against herpes simplex type 2, vaccinia virus, Sindbis virus and African swine fever virus and this compound showed in vitro activity against all viruses tested.
5′-O-[N-(Amnoacyl)Sulfamoyl]Nucleosides. Synthesis and Antiviral and Cytostatic Activities
Abstract 5′-O-[N-(Aminoacyl)sulfamoyl]-uridines and -thymidines 4a-12a and 4b-12b have been synthesized and tested against Herpes Simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) and as cytostatics. Condensation of
Aminodeoxybestatin and epi-aminodeoxybestatin: stereospecific synthesis and aminopeptidase inhibition
The synthesis of aminodeoxybestatin and epi-aminodeoxybestatin [(2S,3R)- and (2R,3R)-2,3-di-amino-4-phenylbutanoyl-L-leucine; (2S,3R)- and (2R,3R)-DAPBA-L-Leu)], bestatin and epi-bestatin analogues,
Synthesis and Inhibitory Activities against Aminopeptidase B and Enkephalin‐Degrading Enzymes of Ketomethylene Dipeptide Analogues of Arphamenines
Three ketomethylene pseudodideptide analogues of natural arphamenine A of easy prepared by a route involving two successive main reactions: a malonic ester alkylation with Z‐protected lysine iodomethyl ketone and the introduction of a benzyl or (indol‐3‐yl)methyl moiety in position 2 of the resulting 4‐ketodiester.
Synergistic Inhibition of Aminopeptidase B by Penicillamine or Cysteine and Metallic Salts
The inhibition of aminopeptidase B by D‐ and L‐penicillamine and D‐ or L‐cysteine and α‐amino‐β‐mercapto acids inhibit moderately this enzyme, with IC50 values in the 10−4 range.
Analgesic dipeptide derivatives. Part 8. 3-Amino-2-hydroxy-4-[2-(o-nitrophenylthio)indol-3-yl]butanoic acid [AH(Nps)IBA]-containing dipeptide analogues of the analgesic compound H-Trp(Nps)-Lys-OMe
A series of diastereoisomeric dipeptides, analogues of the analgesic compound H-Trp(Nps)Lys-OMe, containing 3-amino-2-hydroxy-4-(2-(o-nitrophenylthio)indol-3-yl]butanoic acid [AH(Nps)IBA) and Lys or
Synthesis and Antiviral Activity of 5′‐O‐(Substituted) Sulfamoyl Pyrimidine Nucleosides
Compounds 7–9 show antiviral effect against herpes simplex virus type 2 and structure‐activity relationships are discussed.
Synthesis of 5′‐N‐(α‐Amino‐β‐mercaptoacyl)amino‐5′‐deoxynucleosides as potential antiviral compounds
5′‐N‐(α‐Amino‐β‐mercaptoacyl)amino‐5′‐deoxynucleosides have been synthesized by coupling of N‐formylthiazolidines derived from D‐ and L‐penicillamine, and D‐ and L‐cysteine to