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Synthesis of (25R)-2a,3a-Epoxy-5a-Spirostan-6,23-Dione
Abstract The synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of (25R)-2α,3α epoxy-5α-spirostan-6,23-dione is described
Synthesis and Biological Activity of Epoxy Analogues of 3-dehydroteasterone
Two new brassinosteroids analogues containing a 3,6-dione with a 5a-hydroxyl group and also one epoxy ring in the side chain have been synthesised from stigmasterol. Their activity as plant growth
Glycosides of Monoallyl Diethylene Glycol. A New Type of Spacer Group for Synthetic Oligosaccharides
Abstract The preparation of spacer-armed synthetic oligosaccharides, which can be coupled to either proteins or polymers for use respectively as immunogens or immunoadsorbants for affinity