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Is the poleward expansion by Atlantic cod and haddock threatening native polar cod, Boreogadus saida?
The diet of co-occurring juvenile gadoids in fjords, open water, and sea ice around Svalbard and the available literature on polar cod feeding in different habitats across the Arctic was reviewed to determine whether region, habitat, or fish size may influence diet.
Life history variation in Barents Sea fish: implications for sensitivity to fishing in a changing environment
It is shown that climate warming promotes a borealization of fish assemblages in the northeast, associated with slower life histories in that area, and this study is a step toward integrating life history traits in ecosystem-based areal management.
Aspects of the life history of the Atlantic poacher, Leptagonus decagonus, in Svalbard waters
The aim of the study is to describe aspects of the life history of the Atlantic poacher (Leptagonus decagonus) obtained during early October 2010 and late September 2011 from the Hinlopen Strait,