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Pre-penetration events in fungal parasitism of nematode eggs
Hydrophobicity, appresorium formation and protease production as factors involved in early parasitism of nematode eggs are shown. Expand
Nematodes and nematophagous fungi associated with Citrus fields and Pinus halepensis-Quercus rotundifolia forest soil
The data show that the mediterranean soils studied acted as an important reservoir for a diverse range of nematophagus fungi which utilised different modes of action to attack nematodes and that some of these nem atophagous fungi could have the potential to be developed as biocontrol agents of plant-parasitic nem atodes. Expand
Growth inhibition of nematophagous and entomopathogenic fungi by leaf litter and soil containing phenols
Results show that phenolics from leaf letter could play an important role in the ecology and biology of these invertebrate pathogens in soil. Expand