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Biodiversity of pathogenic wood fungi isolated from Xylotrechus arvicola (Olivier) galleries in vine shoots
Aim : Grapevine decline caused by wood fungi seriously threatens viticulture worldwide. In Spain, the polyphagous borer Xylotrechus arvicola (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) is becoming a serious pest inExpand
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Evolution of wild and feral vines from the Ega River gallery forest (Basque country and Navarra, Spain) from 1995 to 2015
Aims: The present paper is focused on wild and feral grapevines from the Ega River gallery forest (Alder grove), one of the most important tributaries of the Ebro River. Since this area wasExpand
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Characterization of the largest relic Eurasian wild grapevine reservoir in Southern Iberian Peninsula
Wild grapevine is becoming a threatened species in the Iberian Peninsula due to human impacts. The aim of this work was to carry out a holistic study for six years of the largest wild grapevineExpand
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Usages traditionnels de la vigne sauvage en Espagne
Cet article denonce la situation en Europe du taxon menace de la vigne sauvage euro-asiatique, Vitis vinifera L. sous-espece sylvestris (Gmelin) Hegi, et le manque en Espagne d’une loi qui leExpand
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An inventory of the relic eurasian wild grapevine populational nuclei in huelva province (andalusia, Spain)
This paper is focused on 21 relic wild grapevine populations within Huelva province (SW Europe, Spain) prospected between 2015-2017. Position of each population along river-bank forests, types ofExpand
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Current distribution and characterization of the wild grapevine populations in Andalusia (Spain).
For decades, human activities have gradually destroyed the natural habitats of wild grapevine, Vitis vinifera L. subsp. sylvestris (Gmelin) Hegi, and nowadays this species is endangered in southernExpand
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Usos Tradicionales de la vid silvestre en España
El presente articulo denuncia la situacion de taxon amenazado de la vid silvestre euroasiatica, Vitis vinifera L. subespecie sylvestris (Gmelin) Hegi, en Europa y la falta de una figura de proteccionExpand
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El posible perfil enológico de los vinos de la vid silvestre euroasiática antes de su domesticación y la presencia más antigua de semillas cultivadas en el área de Tartessos
espanolEl presente trabajo se centra en cinco poblaciones relictas de vid silvestre euroasiatica de la provincia de Huelva, prospectadas entre 2015 y 2017. En cada una se llevo a cabo unaExpand
Support trees and shrubs for the Eurasian wild grapevine in Southern Caucasus
Abstract A prospecting of habitats and mechanical support host species for the climber Eurasian wild grapevine, Vitis vinifera L. subsp. sylvestris (Gmelin) Hegi, was carried out on 13 naturalExpand