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Sprout selection and performance of goats fed Acacia karroo coppices in the false thornveld of the Eastern Cape, South Africa
Acacia karroo Hayne is the dominant invading species in semi-arid savannas of South Africa and is an ecological threat of our modern era. This study investigated the preference and intake rates byExpand
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Sow removal in a commercial pig herd in Zimbabwe
A study was carried out at a 2,200 sow farrow-finisher facility in Zimbabwe to determine the main reasons for sow removal and the season when removal was most common. Data on the number of sowsExpand
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Growth performance of Brangus steers fed graded levels of sun-dried broiler litter as a substitute for cottonseed cake
An experiment was conducted to determine the optimum inclusion levels of dried broiler litter (DBL) as a substitute for cottonseed cake (CSC) in fattening diets for Brangus steers. Thirty BrangusExpand
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Effect of leaf type on browse selection by free-ranging goats in a southern African savanna
Broad- and fine-leaved woody species respond to seasonal changes from wet to dry season differently. For example, broad-leaved species shed their leaves earlier, while fine-leaved species, especiallyExpand
Response of Ziziphus mucronata and Acacia nilotica saplings to increasing clipping intensity in a southern African savanna
Many woody plants respond to intense clipping through an increase in growth parameters and nutritive value. However, optimal clipping intensities that result in peak plant growth and nutritive valueExpand
Effect of grouping weaned piglets by weight classes: evidence from Zimbabwe
A study was carried out to determine the effect of sorting pigs in different weight classes on post weaning performance at a small scale pig farm in Zimbabwe. Twenty four purebred large white pigletsExpand