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Surface phenotype of Peyer's patch germinal center cells: implications for the role of germinal centers in B cell differentiation.
Findings lend considerable support to the concept that germinal centers in Peyer's patches are the site of generation of precursors of the IgA-secreting plasma cells that characterize mucosal immune responses, and also suggest that germineal centers may play an important role in the process of heavy chain class switching. Expand
Plants and Intellectual Property: An International Appraisal
Much of the debate on the implications of intellectual property (IP) for protecting plant varieties occurs in the absence of an understanding of the specifics of the rights in particularExpand
Predominant V‐Region Gene Configurations in the Human Antibody Response to Haemophilus influenzae Capsule Polysaccharide
Four human monoclonal Hib PS antibodies are obtained from four healthy adult subjects immunized with diphtheria toxin‐conjugated Hib PS vaccine and patterns of V‐region gene segment association exemplify two V‐ region gene configurations that are predominant in the Hib PS antibody response. Expand
Immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region gene usage in bone marrow transplant recipients: lack of somatic mutation indicates a maturational arrest.
Although the VH gene content of the repertoire has normalized by 90 days posttransplant, a maturational arrest in B-cell differentiation associated with antigen activation persists for at least 1 year after BMT. Expand
Isolation and DNA sequence of a cDNA clone encoding a lymphocyte adhesion receptor for high endothelium.
The molecular cloning from a baboon lymphoid cell line of a cDNA that encodes an adhesion receptor for HEV is reported, indicating that the 90-kDa cell surface protein is highly modified. Expand
Isolation of mouse CD44 cDNA: structural features are distinct from the primate cDNA.
The most striking aspect of mouse CD44 is that the RNA does not fractionate with polyadenylylated RNA, unlike the CD44 RNA in human, baboon, rat, and chicken. Expand
The evolving landscape of plant varietal rights in the United States, 1930–2008
The types of plants being protected, by whom and by what form of varietal right, has changed markedly since the United States first enabled intellectual property protection for plant varieties inExpand
Representation of rearranged VH gene segments in the human adult antibody repertoire.
The results indicate that the adult human Ab repertoire is dominated by a few VH genes demonstrating a pattern of nonrandom utilization that could involve preferential rearrangement and/or receptor-dependent selection. Expand
Lymphocyte HEV adhesion variants differ in the expression of multiple gene sequences.
Experiments indicate that expression of gp90MEL-14, a cell-surface-adhesion receptor molecule, may be coregulated with additional cytoplasmic or nuclear factors. Expand
South‐North Trade, Intellectual Property Jurisdictions, and Freedom to Operate in Agricultural Research on Staple Crops*
A biotechnology revolution is proceeding in tandem with international proliferation of intellectual property regimes and rights. Does the intellectual property impede agricultural research conductedExpand