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Fosterage and the politics of marriage and kinship in East Cameroon
Adoption is currently subject to a great deal of media scrutiny. High-profile cases of international adoption via the internet and other unofficial routes, have drawn attention to the relative easeExpand
The Emotional World of Kinship
This article focuses on children's narrated experiences of fosterage in East Cameroon. It seeks to complement the predominantly adult approaches to fosterage with children's views of the intimate,Expand
Loss and healing: A Marian pilgrimage in secular Dutch society
A pilgrimage to Lourdes, France, supported by health insurance, helps old and ailing Dutch people cope with the losses of growing old in secular Dutch society. Elderly people are very much in need ofExpand
Sharing Home, Food, and Bed: Paths of Grandmotherhood in East Cameroon
Abstract This article focuses on relationships between grandmothers and grandchildren in an urban society in East Cameroon. It argues that despite fluid generational demarcations between grandmothersExpand
Perils to pregnancies: on social sorrows and strategies surrounding pregnancy loss in Cameroon.
This article explores the local perceptions and practices surrounding pregnancy loss in Cameroon--a topic that has long been neglected in international reproductive health debates. Based on extendedExpand
The changing landscape of sacred groves in Kerala (India): A critical view on the role of religion in nature conservation
Sacred groves are an age-old and world-wide phenomenon, traditionally consisting of forest zones, protected by people based on their spiritual relationship with the deities or ancestral spiritsExpand
Not Just a Victim: The Child as Catalyst and Witness of Contemporary Africa
Contents Acknowledgements ... vii Ethnographies of Children in Africa: Moving beyond Stereotypical Representations and Paradigms ... 1 Sandra J.T.M. Evers, Catrien Notermans & Erik van Ommering 1Expand
“I was crying, I did not come back with anything”: Women’s Experiences of Deportation from Europe to Nigeria
Abstract The aim of this article is to study the impact of deportation on women’s lives, via the narrated experiences of Nigerian women deported from the European Union. It focuses on women’s storiesExpand
Child Fostering in West Africa
Child fostering in West Africa connects classical and new kinship theory and offers ethnographic studies on a mobile and creative kinship practice.