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Two‐way coupling between Vesuvius eruptions and southern Apennine earthquakes, Italy, by elastic stress transfer
During the past 1000 years, eruptions of Vesuvius have often been accompanied by large earthquakes in the Apennines 50-60 km to the northeast. Statistical investigations had shown that earthquakesExpand
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Seismic anisotropy beneath the Northern Apennines (Italy) and its tectonic implications
We examined shear wave splitting in SKS and S phases from 22 teleseisms at 10 temporary stations on a transect across the Northern Apenninic arc. The array, near 43°N, spans from Corsica IslandExpand
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Static stress changes and fault interaction during the 1997 Umbria-Marche earthquake sequence
We study the static stress changes caused by moderatemagnitude earthquakes that occurred in Umbria-Marcheduring a seismic sequence which started on September3, 1997, with a ML 4.7 foreshock andExpand
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Static stress changes in extensional regimes: An application to southern Apennines (Italy)
The analysis of static stress changes due to co-seismic dislocations has been widely applied in recent years to study the variation in failure stress on well-known segmented seismogenic faults. TheseExpand
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Stress interaction between seismic and volcanic activity at Mt Etna
SUMMARY Mt Etna lies on the footwall of a large normal fault system, which cuts the eastern coast of Sicily and crosses the volcano eastern flank. These faults are responsible for both largeExpand
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The Mw 5.4 Reggio Emilia 1996 earthquake: active compressional tectonics in the Po Plain, Italy
SUMMARY We have analysed the seismic sequence that occurred in October 1996 near the town of Reggio Emilia on the southern edge of the Po Plain. The onset of the sequence was marked by a 5.4Expand
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Onto what planes should Coulomb stress perturbations be resolved
[1] Coulomb stress maps are produced by computing the tensorial stress perturbation due to an earthquake rupture and resolving this tensor onto planes of a particular orientation. It is often assumedExpand
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Passive Seismology and Deep Structure in Central Italy
Abstract—In the last decade temporary teleseismic transects have become a powerful tool for investigating the crustal and upper mantle structure. In order to gain a clearer picture of theExpand
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Coupling between earthquake swarms and volcanic unrest at the Alban Hills Volcano (central Italy) modeled through elastic stress transfer
[1] We study a seismic swarm that occurred in 1989–1990 at the Alban Hills volcano and interpret the seismicity pattern in terms of Coulomb stress changes caused by magma intrusion in a localExpand
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The Italian National Seismic Network and the earthquake and tsunami monitoring and surveillance systems
We describe the Italian National Seismic Network (Rete Sismica Nazionale, RSN) and other networks at national scale for monitoring earthquakes and tsunami as a part of the National Civil Protection System coordinated by the Italian Department of Civil Protection. Expand
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