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Electric-field assisted assembly and alignment of metallic nanowires
This letter describes an electric-field assisted assembly technique used to position individual nanowires suspended in a dielectric medium between two electrodes defined lithographically on a SiO2Expand
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Novel Microsystem Applications with New Techniques in Low‐Temperature Co‐Fired Ceramics
Low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) enables development and testing of critical elements on microsystem boards as well as nonmicroelectronic meso-scale applications. We describe silicon-basedExpand
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Lifetime limitations of ohmic, contacting RF MEMS switches with Au, Pt and Ir contact materials due to accumulation of ‘friction polymer’ on the contacts
We present lifetime limitations and failure analysis of many packaged RF MEMS ohmic contacting switches with Au–Au, Au–Ir, and Au–Pt contact materials operating with 100 μN of contact force perExpand
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Electrical Contact Resistance and Device Lifetime Measurements of Au-RuO2-Based RF MEMS Exposed to Hydrocarbons in Vacuum and Nitrogen Environments
Electrical Contact Resistance (ECR) measurements are reported for RF micro-electromechanical switches with Au-RuO2 contacts, situated within an ultrahigh vacuum system equipped with in situ oxygenExpand
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RF MEMS Switches With $\hbox{RuO}_{2}$ –$\hbox{Au}$ Contacts Cycled to 10 Billion Cycles
We present improvements in RF microelectromechanical switch design and fabrication that demonstrated improved lifetimes in cycled switches. First, implementation of RuO2-Au contact metallurgy into anExpand
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Investigating the impact of carbon contamination on RF MEMS reliability
Radio frequency microelectromechanical systems (RF MEMS) are advantageous for reconfigurable antennas providing the potential for steering, frequency agility, and tunable directivity. Expand
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A MEMS high-Q tunable capacitor for reconfigurable microwave integrated circuits
Future microwave networks require miniature high-performance tunable elements such as switches, inductors, and capacitors. We report a micro-machined high-performance tunable capacitor suitable forExpand
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MEMS Ohmic Latching Relay.
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X-band RF MEMS tuned combline filter
A three-pole combline filter tuning from 8.2 to 11.3 GHz using RF MEMS switched capacitors is reported. This structure, measuring 2.85×2.15 mm2, allows 31% tuning with 11% 3 dB bandwidth for the fourExpand
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Monolithically integrated solid-state terahertz transceivers
Recent advances in microfabricated terahertz quantum cascade lasers have achieved coherent power and frequency performance previously possible only with much larger gas- or vacuum-tube sources. AExpand
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