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Body composition changes in elite male bodybuilders during preparation for competition.
Anthropometric profiles together with a 4 compartment criterion model of body composition analysis (total body water, bone mineral, fat and residual masses via a combination of deuterium dilution,
Molecular Discrimination of Garfish Hyporhamphus (Beloniformes) Larvae in Southern Australian Waters
A multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay developed for discrimination between garfish larvae found in southern Australian waters was based on species-specific amplification of part of the mitochondrial control region.
Temporal variation of larval fish assemblages of the Murray Mouth in prolonged drought conditions
The outcomes of the present study suggested that larval fish assemblages in drought conditions are limited to small-bodied species tolerant of high salinities and that freshwater flows are needed for the estuary to function as a nursery for other species.
Refining a Nordmøre-grid bycatch reduction device for the Spencer Gulf penaeid-trawl fishery
The results demonstrate the potential improvements in selectivity in this penaeid-trawl fishery using a Nordmøre-grid, primarily by mechanical separation.
Larval development of the southern sea garfish (Hyporhamphus melanochir) and the river garfish (H. regularis) (Beloniformes: Hemiramphidae) from South Australian waters
Both species can be distinguished from similar larvae of southern Australia (other hemiramphids and a scomberosocid) by differences in meristic counts and pigmentation.
Putting potential environmental risk of Australia's trawl fisheries in landscape perspective
This project implemented the first national spatial approach to quantifying the exposure of mapped seabed assemblages to the footprints of all demersal trawl fisheries that operate on the mainland