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High‐resolution mapping of the world's reservoirs and dams for sustainable river‐flow management
Despite the recognized importance of reservoirs and dams, global datasets describing their characteristics and geographical distribution are largely incomplete. To enable advanced assessments of th
Fragmentation and Flow Regulation of the World's Large River Systems
A global overview of dam-based impacts on large river systems shows that over half (172 out of 292) are affected by dams, including the eight most biogeographically diverse catchments, which can be used to identify ecological risks associated with further impacts onLarge river systems.
Reducing redundancy in invasion ecology by integrating hypotheses into a single theoretical framework
It is argued that a top-down approach that focuses on PAB maximizes research efficiency and identifies the most influential factors first, and subsequently narrows the number of potential causal mechanisms.
The role of hydrochory in structuring riparian and wetland vegetation
The state of the art of the discipline is defined and hydrochory is defined to be an important vector for the spread of many invasive species, but there is also the potential for enhancing ecosystem restoration by improving or restoring water dispersal pathways.
Fragmentation and Flow Regulation of River Systems in the Northern Third of the World
To improve the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable use of biological resources, immediate action is called for to create an international preservation network of free-flowing river systems and to rehabilitate exploited rivers in areas that lack unaffected watercourses.
The effects of plant litter on vegetation: a meta‐analysis
Overall, the short-term effects of litter on vegetation were mostly negative, although their magnitude varied with vegetation variable, study method, experimental duration, latitude, habitat, type and quantity of litter and target species.
Climate change and the world's river basins: anticipating management options
Major rivers worldwide have experienced dramatic changes in flow, reducing their natural ability to adjust to and absorb disturbances. Given expected changes in global climate and water needs, this
Alterations of Riparian Ecosystems Caused by River Regulation
An estimated two-thirds of the fresh water flowing to the oceans is obstructed by approximately 40,000 large dams (defined as more than 15 m in height) and more than 800,000 smaller ones (Petts 1984,
Effects of Land Cover on Stream Ecosystems: Roles of Empirical Models and Scaling Issues
We built empirical models to estimate the effects of land cover on stream ecosystems in the mid-Atlantic region (USA) and to evaluate the spatial scales over which such models are most effective.