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Fragmentation and Flow Regulation of the World's Large River Systems
A global overview of dam-based impacts on large river systems shows that over half (172 out of 292) are affected by dams, including the eight most biogeographically diverse. Dam-impacted catchmentsExpand
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High‐resolution mapping of the world's reservoirs and dams for sustainable river‐flow management
Despite the recognized importance of reservoirs and dams, global datasets describing their characteristics and geographical distribution are largely incomplete. To enable advanced assessments of thExpand
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Reducing redundancy in invasion ecology by integrating hypotheses into a single theoretical framework
Aim Invasion ecology includes many hypotheses. Empirical evidence suggests that most of these can explain the success of some invaders to some degree in some circumstances. If they all are correct,Expand
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Climate change and the world's river basins: anticipating management options
Major rivers worldwide have experienced dramatic changes in flow, reducing their natural ability to adjust to and absorb disturbances. Given expected changes in global climate and water needs, thisExpand
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Insect Pests of Oilseed Rape Crops
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Effects of Land Cover on Stream Ecosystems: Roles of Empirical Models and Scaling Issues
We built empirical models to estimate the effects of land cover on stream ecosystems in the mid-Atlantic region (USA) and to evaluate the spatial scales over which such models are most effective.Expand
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The water masses of the east coast of Tasmania: seasonal and interannual variability and the influence on phytoplankton biomass and productivity
The seasonal and interannual variability of the water masses, nutrients, phytoplankton biomass and primary productivity of the waters off the eastern coast of Tasmania are described. The seasonal andExpand
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Plant dispersal in boreal rivers and its relation to the diversity of riparian flora.
Aim The paper has four major objectives: (1) to determine whether diaspore mimics accurately represent dispersal dynamics of real diaspores in a free-flowing river; (2) to estimate distance travelledExpand
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Effects of river regulation on river-margin vegetation : A comparison of eight boreal rivers
Regulation and fragmentation by dams belong to the most widespread deliberate impacts of humans on the world's rivers, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. We evaluated the effects of hydroelectrExpand
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Do rivers function as corridors for plant dispersal
. We evaluated the importance of dispersal for species frequencies and distribution by comparing dispersal properties of vascular plant species with their frequencies along river banks. We assumedExpand
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