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Survival of White-Tailed Deer Fawns in Southern Illinois
Abstract Survival of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) fawns has been quantified throughout much of North America. However, few studies have assessed the influence of intrinsic factorsExpand
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Effects of Joint Space Use and Group Membership on Contact Rates Among White-Tailed Deer
Abstract Establishment and spread of infectious diseases are controlled by the frequency of contacts among hosts. Although managers can estimate transmission coefficients from the relationshipExpand
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Cougars are recolonizing the midwest: Analysis of cougar confirmations during 1990–2008
Although cougars (Puma concolor) were extirpated from much of midwestern North America around 1900, hard evidence of cougar presence has increased and populations have become established in the upperExpand
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Modelling potential dispersal corridors for cougars in midwestern North America using least-cost path methods
Since 1990, cougar (Puma concolor) presence in midwestern North America has been increasing, with >130 confirmed cougar occurrences (i.e., tracks, photos, carcasses) being verified by professionalExpand
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Spatial and Temporal Structure of a Mesocarnivore Guild in Midwestern North America
Carnivore guilds play a vital role in ecological communities by cascading trophic effects, energy and nutrient transfer, and stabilizing or destabilizing food webs. Consequently, the structure ofExpand
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Statewide modeling of bobcat, Lynx rufus, habitat in Illinois, USA
We used sighting location and remotely sensed habitat data, multivariate statistical techniques, and a geographic information system to model bobcat (Lynx rufus) habitat in Illinois, therebyExpand
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Survival of Unexploited Bobcats in Southern Illinois
Knowledge of survival rates is integral to understanding factors influencing population dynamics. Although bobcat (Lynx rufus) survival has been quantified throughout most of its range, few studiesExpand
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Demography of Unexploited Beavers in Southern Illinois
Abstract Beavers (Castor canadensis) are important in ecosystems and to humans. Although beavers are increasingly protected from harvest, relatively few studies of unexploited beaver populations haveExpand
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Large carnivore attacks on humans in central India: a case study from the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve
We examined human and ecological attributes of attacks by tigers Panthera tigris and leopards Panthera pardus on humans in and around the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve in the Chandrapur District ofExpand
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Landscape influences on deer-vehicle accident areas in an Urban environment
Deer-vehicle accidents (DVA) have become an important human safety concern in the United States, and few studies have focused specifically on urban areas. We used remotely sensed data, multivariateExpand
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