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Vegetation of Linville Gorge Wilderness, North Carolina
Species composition and vegetation-environment relationships are described for Linville Gorge Wilderness, a rugged landscape straddling the Blue Ridge escarpment of the southern AppalachianExpand
QTL identification and microphenotype characterisation of the developmentally regulated yellow rust resistance in the UK wheat cultivar Guardian
Yellow rust (causal agent: Puccinia striiformis f.sp. tritici) resistance in the UK wheat cultivar Guardian is developmentally regulated, resistance increasing as the plant matures. Yellow rustExpand
The genetic characterisation of stripe rust resistance in the German wheat cultivar Alcedo
Stripe rust resistance in the German winter wheat cv. Alcedo has been described as durable, the resistance having remained effective when grown extensively in Germany and Eastern Europe between 1975Expand
Wildfire effects on plant species richness at multiple spatial scales in forest communities of the southern Appalachians
Summary 1 We fitted species-area curves to the power function and examined changes in the parameters to quantify changes in species richness of all plants together, trees only and non-treesExpand
Honeydew standing crop and production over 24 hours in Nothofagus solandri forest in Canterbury
2, all 740 active individual insects were mapped by their anal threads and honeydew production was recorded every three hours over 24 hours. Mean production of honeydew per insect over 24 hours wasExpand
Histopathology provides a phenotype by which to characterize stripe rust resistance genes in wheat
The expression of the resistance phenotypes of QPst.jic-2D and QPst.jic-4B, two quantitative trait loci (QTL) for stripe rust resistance in wheat cv. Alcedo, were assessed relative to plant growthExpand
Demographic drivers of biomass carbon recovery in degraded perennial tussock grassland, with and without domestic grazing
Many of New Zealand’s natural and induced tussock grasslands are in a degraded low-biomass state due to a combination of fire, overgrazing and weed invasion. The capacity of degraded grasslands toExpand
Wildfire effects on β-diversity and species turnover in a forested landscape
Abstract Questions: What are the effects of fire on the relationships between community composition and environment? Does fire affect β-diversity and rates of species turnover along spatial andExpand
Development of Stable Homozygous Wheat/Amblyopyrum muticum (Aegilops mutica) Introgression Lines and Their Cytogenetic and Molecular Characterization
Wheat is one of the world’s most important sources of food. However, due to its evolution its genetic base has narrowed, which is severely limiting the ability of breeders to develop new higherExpand