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Numerical Solution for a Non-Fickian Diffusion in a Periodic Potential
Numerical solutions of a non-Fickian diffusion equation belonging to a hyperbolic type are presented in one space dimension. The Brownian particle modelled by this diffusion equation is subjected toExpand
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An alternating direction implicit method for a second-order hyperbolic diffusion equation with convection
A numerical method is presented to solve a two-dimensional hyperbolic diffusion problem where is assumed that both convection and diffusion are responsible for flow motion. Expand
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Numerical Approximation of a Transport Equation with a Time-Dependent Dispersion Flux
The objective of this work is to discuss a more general one‐dimensional diffusion equation that accounts for certain aspects such as the variation of a parameter that describes the relaxation time ofExpand
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A Laplace Transform Piecewise Linearized Method for a Second Order Hyperbolic Equation
Numerical solutions of a one-dimensional second order hyperbolic equation are presented. The numerical method consists of applying the Laplace transform to remove the time dependent terms in theExpand
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In this work numerical methods for one-dimensional diffusion problems are discussed. The differential equation considered, takes into account the variation of the relaxation time of the mass flux andExpand
A hybrid numerical method for a two-dimensional second order hyperbolic equation
Second order hyperbolic differential equations have been used to model many problems that appear related to heat conduction, mass diffusion and fluid dynamics. In this work a numerical method isExpand
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Numerical methods for hyperbolic diffusive problems
Tese de doutoramento em Matematica, na especialidade de Metematica Aplicada, apresentada ao Departamento de Matematica da Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia da Universidade de Coimbra