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Innovative animal component-free surface for the cultivation of human embryonic stem cells
Background The promise of pluripotent stem cells lies in their ability to form any cell or tissue in the body. However, this promise requires a stable and reproducible method to grow the cells.Expand
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Exploring standards for industrializing human induced pluripotent stem cells
Popular belief assumes that human pluripotent cells can now be obtained in any lab or company by induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell reprogramming. However, the difficulties in robustly producingExpand
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Abstract 208: A novel cell culture surface supports effective formation of three dimensional cancer spheroids in suspension.
The study of cell biology via monolayer cell culture systems is not entirely adequate for the investigation of complex inter-cell and cell to extracellular matrix interactions in vitro. ThreeExpand
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Benchmark performance of Matrix 2D-barcoded cryostorage tubes
Cryostorage tubes often hold high-value and important samples over long periods of time. Since the primary role of these tubes is to maintain samples without allowing any alterations during theirExpand
The Nunclon Sphera surface supports formation of three dimensional cancer spheroids in suspension
While monolayer cell culture has been used extensively to study many types of cancers in vitro, 3 dimensional (3D) cultures of cancer spheroids better simulate the in vivo environment and, thereforeExpand
Optimizing neuron adhesion and growth by choosing the right surface of Thermo Scientific Chamber Slide
Introduction Thermo Scientific Chamber Slides are designed for simplifying imaging analysis involving microscopic examination of cultured cells. The multi-chambered design allows for parallel studiesExpand
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The Thermo Scientific Nunclon Sphera surface supports formation of embryoid bodies from pluripotent stem cells
Keeping stem cells in an undifferentiated state is important for expansion and maintenance. However studying the process that stem cells follow to become body tissues requires them to differentiate.Expand
Abstract 304: Formation of uniform and reproducible 3D cancer spheroids in a high throughput plate format
Cells grown on flat two dimensional (2D) tissue culture substrates can differ considerably from the three dimensional (3D) physiological environment. There is growing evidence that tumor cellExpand
Abstract 3475: Negative impact of evaporation on cervical cancer cells during long term incubation is alleviated by Thermo Scientific Edge plate
With more than half a million new cases and 275,000 deaths each year, cervical cancer ranks as the third and the fourth most common cause of cancer incidence and mortality, respectively, in womenExpand
Antigen-SpecificTumorVaccine Efficacy InVivo Against ProstateCancerwith LowClass IMHC
BACKGROUND. Cancers can escape immune recognition by means of evading class I major histocompatibility complex (MHC) -mediated recognition by cytotoxic T lymphocytes. However, immunization strategiesExpand