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Begging intensity of nestling birds varies with sibling relatedness
Begging for food is one of the most conspicuous behaviours performed by nestling birds. Recent models suggest that the form and intensity of begging evolved not only to communicate nutritionalExpand
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Development and validation of an improving prescribing in the elderly tool.
OBJECTIVE To apply recently published consensus panel guidelines to a series of hospital inpatient charts to develop and validate a brief screening tool for potentially inappropriate prescriptions inExpand
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Fluctuating asymmetry and disorders of developmental origin.
Environmental and/or genetic stresses may cause a breakdown in developmental homeostasis, resulting in increased bilateral asymmetry of morphological traits. The degree of these deviations (termedExpand
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An Immunohistochemical Algorithm for Ovarian Carcinoma Typing
There are 5 major histotypes of ovarian carcinomas. Diagnostic typing criteria have evolved over time, and past cohorts may be misclassified by current standards. Our objective was to reclassify theExpand
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Vocalizations of Nestling Leach's Storm-Petrels
teractions of the Shiny Cowbird and the Yellowshouldered Blackbird. Condor 79:176-184. ROBINSON, S. K. 1986. Benefits, costs, and determinants of dominance in a polygynous oriole. Anim. Behav.Expand
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Fasting time and lipid levels in a community-based population: a cross-sectional study.
BACKGROUND Although current guidelines recommend measuring lipid levels in a fasting state, recent studies suggest that nonfasting lipid profiles change minimally in response to food intake and mayExpand
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An open-source software program for performing Bonferroni and related corrections for multiple comparisons
In this paper we present an open source program written in Python 3.2 that performs calculations for standard Bonferroni, BonFERroni-Holm and Benjamini-Hochberg corrections. Expand
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Association of vitamin D status with socio-demographic factors in Calgary, Alberta: an ecological study using Census Canada data
BackgroundLow 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels are a global health problem with northern countries such as Canada at particular risk. A number of sociodemographic factors have been reported to beExpand
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Defining Benchmarks for Adenoma Detection Rate and Adenomas Per Colonoscopy in Patients Undergoing Colonoscopy Due to a Positive Fecal Immunochemical Test
Objectives:Although there is an accepted benchmark for adenoma detection rate (ADR) in average risk screening colonoscopy, a benchmark for ADR or the associated quality indicator, adenomas perExpand
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Character release in bird song: a test of the acoustic competition hypothesis using American Tree Sparrows Spizella arborea
The acoustic competition hypothesis predicts that song variability within a species will be inversely correlated with the amount of acoustic competition from other species. To test this hypothesis,Expand
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