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The validity of food miles as an indicator of sustainable development - final report
Over the last fifty years, there has been a large increase in the distance food travels from the farm to the consumer, known as "food miles". DEFRA, UK commissioned a study to assess whether aExpand
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This report provides two sets of information (the efficiency perspective and the cost coverage perspective) that may be used in a complementary way for transport policy development in relation toExpand
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Rail Infrastructure Charges in Europe
This paper reviews results of a survey of rail infrastructure charges in Europe, presenting evidence on the structure and level of charges across 23 countries, and on the rationale behind theExpand
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Bus deregulation: ten years on
This paper identifies the principal areas of disagreement in the bus policy debate of 1984–85, and reviews the outcome of bus deregulation against that background. It is concluded that the commercialExpand
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Passenger Rail Franchising – British Experience
Given that virtually all British passenger train services were franchised out over the period 1995-7, and many have now been franchised for a second time, Britain should provide an excellentExpand
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In what circumstances is investment in HSR worthwhile
The case for building new High Speed Rail (HSR) infrastructure depends its the capacity to generate social benefits which compensate for the construction, maintenance and operation costs. DecisionsExpand
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It is always of interest to observe the sharp divisions which arise in professional economic opinion on major policy issues. Bus deregulation is just such a case. When the British governmentExpand
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Urban Congestion: A European Perspective on Theory and Practice
▪ Abstract Growing urban transport congestion is a major cause of environmental problems, as well as delays. One may argue that this is a classic problem of externalities and can be readily correctedExpand
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