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An introduction to atmospheric gravity waves
1. Fundamentals 2. The Linear Theory 3. Terrain-Generated Gravity Waves 4. Ducted Gravity Waves 5. Gravity Wave Energetics 6. Waves and Turbulence 7. The Parameterization of Wave Stress 8.Expand
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CASES-99: a comprehensive investigation of the stable nocturnal boundary layer
Abstract The Cooperative Atmosphere-Surface Exchange Study—1999 (CASES-99) refers to a field experiment carried out in southeast Kansas during October 1999 and the subsequent program ofExpand
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Intermittent Turbulence Associated with a Density Current Passage in the Stable Boundary Layer
Using the unprecedented observational capabilities deployed duringthe Cooperative Atmosphere-Surface Exchange Study-99 (CASES-99),we found three distinct turbulence events on the night of 18OctoberExpand
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Wind and Temperature Oscillations Generated by Wave–Turbulence Interactions in the Stably Stratified Boundary Layer
AbstractThe authors investigate atmospheric internal gravity waves (IGWs): their generation and induction of global intermittent turbulence in the nocturnal stable atmospheric boundary layer based onExpand
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Sporadic breakdowns of stability in the PBL over simple and complex terrain
Breakdowns of stability in the PBL are examined using one-minute average horizontal wind speeds and temperatures observed over many nights at stations located in simple and complex terrain. TheExpand
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A model study of pure katabatic flows
A time-dependent 2-dimensional model of pure katabatic flow over a simple finite-length slope is described. This numerical model, based on a turbulent kinetic energy closure, accounts for the effectsExpand
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Tracking the potato late blight pathogen in the atmosphere using unmanned aerial vehicles and Lagrangian modeling
Abstract A means for determining the aerial concentration, C (sporangia m −3 ), of plant pathogenic spores at various distances from a source of inoculum is needed to quantify the potential spread ofExpand
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Exploring the possible role of small-scale terrain drag on stable boundary layers over land
This paper addresses the possible role of unresolved terrain drag, relative to the turbulent drag on the development of the stable atmospheric boundary layer over land. Adding a first-order estimateExpand
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Observations and Measurements of Gravity Waves
Abstract Only after a relation was discovered between gravity waves and their effects on long-range radio communication, in the mid 20th-century, did the field become of interest. This interest setExpand
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Analysis of Ducted Motions in the Stable Nocturnal Boundary Layer during CASES-99
Abstract Data obtained with multiple instruments at the main site of the 1999 Cooperative Atmosphere–Surface Exchange Study (CASES-99) are employed to examine the character and variability of waveExpand
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