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Estimated Asian Adult Soy Protein and Isoflavone Intakes
Abstract: There is substantial interest in the possible anticancer effects of soy foods. In part, this is because of the historically low incidence rates of breast and prostate cancer in Asia. Of theExpand
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Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is a novel predictor of cardiovascular disease.
AIM To clarify whether nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. METHODS We carried out a prospective observational study with a total of 1637Expand
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Decreased serum total cholesterol concentration is associated with high intake of soy products in Japanese men and women.
The relationship between soy product intake and serum total cholesterol concentration was examined in 1242 men and 3596 women who participated in an annual health check-up program in Takayama City,Expand
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Ecological study of the association between soy product intake and mortality from cancer and heart disease in Japan.
  • C. Nagata
  • Medicine
  • International journal of epidemiology
  • 1 October 2000
BACKGROUND The anticarcinogenic and antiatherogenic properties of soy have been demonstrated in experimental studies. To evaluate the relationship between soy product intake and mortality fromExpand
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Height, weight, and alcohol consumption in relation to the risk of colorectal cancer in Japan: a prospective study
Colorectal cancer incidence in relation to body size, smoking, and alcohol consumption was studied in a cohort of 29 051 city residents of Japan. In 1992, each participant completed aExpand
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Dietary glycemic index, glycemic load, and intake of carbohydrate and rice in relation to risk of mortality from stroke and its subtypes in Japanese men and women.
We assessed the relationship of the dietary glycemic index (GI), glycemic load (GL), and intake of carbohydrate and rice, and risk of mortality from stroke and its subtypes. The cohort consisted ofExpand
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Soy and fish oil intake and mortality in a Japanese community.
The relation between intake of fish and soy products and subsequent all-cause and cause-specific mortality was examined in a cohort of 13,355 male and 15,724 female residents of Takayama, Gifu,Expand
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Prevalence of Tinnitus in Community-Dwelling Japanese Adults
Background Several studies have reported the prevalence of tinnitus among general populations; however, most of these studies were conducted in Europe or the United States. We estimated theExpand
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The relationship between the consumption of meat, fat, and coffee and the risk of colon cancer: a prospective study in Japan.
The risk of the development of colon cancer in relation to a western diet was studied in a community-based cohort in Japan. From 1992 to 2000, 13,894 men and 16,327 women were followed. In men, highExpand
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Consumption of coffee, green tea, oolong tea, black tea, chocolate snacks and the caffeine content in relation to risk of diabetes in Japanese men and women.
Although the inverse association between coffee consumption and risk of diabetes has been reported numerous times, the role of caffeine intake in this association has remained unclear. We evaluatedExpand
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