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Quantifiable effectiveness of experimental scaling of river-and delta morphodynamics and stratigraphy
Laboratory experiments to simulate landscapes and stratigraphy often suffer from scale effects, because reducing lengthand time scales leads to different behaviour of water and sediment. Classically,Expand
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A gravitational-wave measurement of the Hubble constant following the second observing run of Advanced LIGO and Virgo
This paper presents the gravitational-wave measurement of the Hubble constant H0 using the detections from the first and second observing runs of the Advanced LIGO and Virgo detector network. TheExpand
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A systematic approach for designing zero-DGD coupled multi-core optical fibers
  • 2016
An analytical method is presented for designing Ncoupled multi-core fibers with zero differential group delay. This approach effectively reduces the problem to a system of N-1 algebraic equationsExpand
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Modelling Rearrangement Process of Martensite Platelets in a Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy Ni2MnGa Single Crystal under Magnetic Field and (or) Stress Action
The aim of the paper is the modelling of the rearrangement process between martensite variants in order to use Magnetic Shape Memory alloys (MSMs) as actuators. In the framework of the thermodynamicExpand
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Overview of ASDEX Upgrade Results 3 1
The ASDEX Upgrade programme is directed towards physics inp ut to critical elements of the ITER design and the preparation of ITER opera tion, as well as addressing physics issues for a future DEMOExpand
Chevron Folding Patterns and Heteroclinic Orbits
We present a model of multilayer folding in which layers with bending stiffness EI are separated by a very stiff elastic medium of elasticity k2 and subject to a horizontal load P. By using aExpand
Evaluation of Effects and Effectiveness of Various α and β Angulations for Three Different Loop Made of Stainless Steel Arch Wires - A FEM Study.
AIM To deter-mine Moments & M/F ratios produced by different gabling in the three retraction loops (Tear drop loop, T-loop, Open vertical loop) and movement of the anterior teeth and posterior teeth) of the maxillary arch in an extraction model, on activation of three retachment loops by1 mm. Expand