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Mechanical impedance to root growth: a review of experimental techniques and root growth responses
SUMMARY Mechanicalimpedancetorootgrowthisoneofthemostimportant factorsdeterminingroot elongation and proliferation within a soil profile. Penetrometers overestimate resistance to root growth in soilExpand
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Germination provides many potentially unrecognized sources of variation in the regeneration niche. In this study we relate germination requirements and seed size for 16 species of pioneer trees toExpand
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Effects of increased temperature, drought and nitrogen supply on two upland perennials of contrasting functional type: Calluna vulgaris and Pteridium aquilinum
Mature heather (Calluna vulgaris) and bracken (Pteridium aquilinum) turfs, transplanted from the field, were subjected to factorially combined experimental treatments for three consecutive years.Expand
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Penetrometer resistance, root penetration resistance and root elongation rate in two sandy loam soils
Root penetration resistance and elongation of maize seedling roots were measured directly in undisturbed cores of two sandy loam soils. Root elongation rate was negatively correlated with rootExpand
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Topographic position affects the water regime in a semideciduous tropical forest in Panamá
The effects of topographic position on water regime in a semideciduous tropical forest on Barro Colorado Island in Panamá were assessed by measuring soil matric potential using the filter paperExpand
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Differences in plant and soil water relations in and around a forest gap in West Africa during the dry season may influence seedling establishment and survival
Summary 1 Soil and plant-water relations were studied in a canopy opening and surrounding forest shade in a moist tropical forest in Ghana using seedlings of two tree species with differentExpand
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Magnetic viscosity, quadrature susceptibility, and frequency dependence of susceptibility in single‐domain assemblies of magnetite and maghemite
Neel has derived an expression relating the decay of viscous remanent magnetization and the variation of susceptibility with frequency in noninteracting single-domain assemblies of ferrimagneticExpand
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Differences in seed germination responses may promote coexistence of four sympatric Piper species
Summary 1 Species-specific responses to the range of microsites resulting from canopy gap formation may contribute to coexistence in tropical forests. We investigated the effects of four factorsExpand
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Soil drying in a tropical forest : Three distinct environments controlled by gap size
Abstract Soil water and temperature regimes in the tropical moist forest on Barro Colorado Island, Panama, were simulated directly from meteorological data using the model SWEAT. Separate fieldExpand
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Effects of topographic position, leaf litter and seed size on seedling demography in a semi-deciduous tropical forest in Panamá
This study examined whether topography-induced gradients in water potential and leaf litter depth contribute to species coexistence in tropical forests through species-specific effects on seedlingExpand
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