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Beringian Standstill and Spread of Native American Founders
Native Americans derive from a small number of Asian founders who likely arrived to the Americas via Beringia. However, additional details about the intial colonization of the Americas remainExpand
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A Three-Stage Colonization Model for the Peopling of the Americas
Background We evaluate the process by which the Americas were originally colonized and propose a three-stage model that integrates current genetic, archaeological, geological, and paleoecologicalExpand
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Updated Three-Stage Model for the Peopling of the Americas
Background We re-assess support for our three stage model for the peopling of the Americas in light of a recent report that identified nine non-Native American mitochondrial genome sequences thatExpand
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Methylation changes at NR3C1 in newborns associate with maternal prenatal stress exposure and newborn birth weight
Early life experiences, including those in utero, have been linked to increased risk for adult-onset chronic disease. The underlying assumption is that there is a critical period of developmentalExpand
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Bayesian phylogenetic analysis of Semitic languages identifies an Early Bronze Age origin of Semitic in the Near East
The evolution of languages provides a unique opportunity to study human population history. The origin of Semitic and the nature of dispersals by Semitic-speaking populations are of great importanceExpand
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Molecular evolution of the tprC, D, I, K, G, and J genes in the pathogenic genus Treponema.
We investigated the evolution of 6 genes from the Treponema pallidum repeat (tpr) gene family, which encode potential virulence factors and are assumed to have evolved through gene duplication andExpand
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Ancient DNA from Nubian and Somali wild ass provides insights into donkey ancestry and domestication
Genetic data from extant donkeys (Equus asinus) have revealed two distinct mitochondrial DNA haplogroups, suggestive of two separate domestication events in northeast Africa about 5000 years ago.Expand
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Prenatal Maternal Stress Predicts Methylation of Genes Regulating the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenocortical System in Mothers and Newborns in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Exposure to stress early in life permanently shapes activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical (HPA) axis and the brain. Prenatally, glucocorticoids pass through the placenta to the fetusExpand
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Allelic variation at alcohol metabolism genes (ADH1B, ADH1C, ALDH2) and alcohol dependence in an American Indian population
AbstractEnzymes encoded by two gene families, alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), mediate alcohol metabolism in humans. Allelic variants have been identified that alterExpand
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Early Back-to-Africa Migration into the Horn of Africa
Genetic studies have identified substantial non-African admixture in the Horn of Africa (HOA). In the most recent genomic studies, this non-African ancestry has been attributed to admixture withExpand
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