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Effects of age on DNA double-strand breaks and apoptosis in human sperm.
This study clearly demonstrates an increase in sperm double-stranded DNA breaks with age and suggests for the first time an age-related decrease in human sperm apoptosis, indicating deterioration of healthy sperm cell selection process with age. Expand
Sperm chemotaxis: egg peptides control cytosolic calcium to regulate flagellar responses.
A model in which shallow or decreasing gradients elevate Cai and redirect swimming paths but sufficiently steep gradients keep Cai low and swimming linear until the egg is reached is offered. Expand
Effects of clinical stage and immunological status on semen analysis results in human immunodeficiency virus type 1‐seropositive men
Fertile men had significantly greater semen volume, sperm concentration, percent motility, percent rapid and linear motility and total strictly normal spermatozoa than HIV seropositive men and neither total number nor subtypes of leukocytes in semen differed between the two groups. Expand
Suppression of spermatogenesis by bisdichloroacetyldiamines is mediated by inhibition of testicular retinoic acid biosynthesis.
It is demonstrated that bisdichloroacetyldiamines such as WIN 18,446 reversibly suppress spermatogenesis via inhibition of testicular retinoic acid biosynthesis by ALDH1a2, and suggested that ALDH 1a2 is a promising target for the development of a reversible, nonhormonal male contraceptive. Expand
Identification of Antigen-Specific IgG in Sera from Patients with Chronic Prostatitis
It is demonstrated that some patients with the chronic prostatitis/pelvic pain syndrome have autoantibodies to specific proteins, and MAD-PRO-34 in particular, could be further investigated as potential prostate tumor antigens. Expand
Hormonal control of male reproductive behavior in the lizard, Anolis carolinensis: role of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, and estradiol.
It is indicated that in this species, treatment with T stimulates both sexual behavior and secondary sex character development, whereas treatment with E alone is without effect centrally or peripherally. Expand
Identification of a protein in the fibrous sheath of the sperm flagellum.
Results indicate that ATC recognizes a protein integral to the fibrous sheath of the principal piece of sperm detected by immunohistochemistry late in spermiogenesis that is probably restricted to the male germ cell line. Expand
Efficacy of treatment and recurrence rate of leukocytospermia in infertile men with prostatitis.
Antibiotic treatment, frequent ejaculation, and antibiotic treatment with Frequent ejaculation effectively treat leukocytospermia immediately after the treatment phase, however, only antibiotic treatment coupled with frequent ejaculated is effective 3 months after treatment. Expand
Semen quality of men employed at a lead smelter.
Blood lead concentrations below the currently accepted worker protection criteria seem to adversely affect spermatogenesis, independent of current lead exposure. Expand
Rationale, interpretation, validation, and uses of sperm function tests.
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  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of andrology
  • 2 January 2000