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Shona morphophonemics : repair strategies in Karanga and Zezuru
This book examines the repair strategies that Karanga and Zezuru, two dialects of Shona, a Bantu language, employ to achieve the CV syllable and the disyllabic Prosodic Word—preferred phonological structures in Shona. Expand
The Internal Syntax of Shona Class Prefixes
Abstract Shona (Southern Bantu, Guthrie Zone S10) gender/noun-class prefixes display massive multi-functionality, with concomitant semantic heterogeneity. We argue that this pervasiveExpand
Hiatus resolution strategies in Karanga (Shona)
Abstract Several languages reported in the literature have at most three hiatus resolution strategies, for example: Igede (Bergman, 1971); Obolo (Faraclas, 1982); and Greek (Haas, 1988). Karanga, aExpand
Minimality in Zezuru
Comparing Hiatus Resolution in Karanga and Nambya: An Optimality Theory Account
This article compares three hiatus resolution strategies, viz., glide formation, secondary articulation and vowel elision in Karanga and Nambya, two southern Bantu languages spoken in Zimbabwe. TheExpand
KiSwahili: the "lingua franca" of Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda
This study examines the complex linguistic situation in Nakivale Refugee Settlement (Nakivale), and demonstrates that, for practical and pragmatic reasons, KiSwahili is emerging as the lingua franca,Expand
Comparing chiShona loanwords of monolingual and bilingual speakers: An Optimality Theory analysis
ChiShona is a southern Bantu language spoken mainly in Zimbabwe. In Guthrie (1948) chiShona is classified as an S.10 language, an area which includes other Bantu languages such as chiKalanga andExpand
The Quest for Standardization: The Canadian Federal Government and the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) Program
Since the inception of the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) Program in 1992, the Canadian federal government, through the ministry responsible for immigration, has diligentlyExpand
The Portfolio-Based Language Assessment (PBLA): Suitable for Adult Learners?
The Portfolio-Based Language Assessment (PBLA) literature explicitly states the suitability of using PBLA in English as an additional language (EAL) learning contexts. An underlying assumption isExpand
Spreading as a hiatus resolution strategy in Shona
ABSTRACT This article analyses the distribution of hiatus breakers [j w ɦ ʔ] in Karanga, a dialect of Shona, a Bantu language spoken in Zimbabwe. Hiatus resolution through consonant epenthesis isExpand