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The Populist Zeitgeist
  • C. Mudde
  • Political Science, Sociology
    Government and Opposition
  • 1 September 2004
Abstract Since the 1980s the rise of so-called ‘populist parties’ has given rise to thousands of books, articles, columns and editorials. This article aims to make a threefold contribution to the
Populist radical right parties in Europe
As Europe enters a significant phase of re-integration of East and West, it faces an increasing problem with the rise of far-right political parties. Cas Mudde offers the first comprehensive and
The ideology of the extreme right
The extreme right party family - the concept of the party family, the study of extreme right parties, putting the extreme right party family to the test studying party ideology, outline of the book.
Three decades of populist radical right parties in Western Europe: So what?
The populist radical right constitutes the most successful party family in postwar Western Europe. Many accounts in both academia and the media warn of the growing influence of populist radical right
The Populist Radical Right: A Pathological Normalcy
  • C. Mudde
  • Political Science
  • 20 October 2010
In recent years more and more studies have pointed to the limitations of demand-side explanations of the electoral success of populist radical right parties. They argue that supply-side factors need
The Two Sides of Euroscepticism
This article aims to make a three-fold contribution to the study of Euroscepticism in the wider Europe. First, it presents a two-dimensional conceptualization of party positions on European
How Populist Are the People? Measuring Populist Attitudes in Voters
The sudden and perhaps unexpected appearance of populist parties in the 1990s shows no sign of immediately vanishing. The lion’s share of the research on populism has focused on defining populism, on
Extreme Right Parties in Western Europe
  • C. Mudde
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • 1 January 2000
Abstract From the moment the Berlin Wall came down scholars and politicians around the world expressed concern about an upsurge of extreme-right politics in Eastern Europe. Dramatic events like the
The PopuList: an overview of populist, far right, far left and Eurosceptic parties in Europe
The PopuList is a peer-reviewed list of populist, far right, far left and Eurosceptic parties that obtained at least 2% of the vote in at least one national parliamentary election since 1998. The