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Interaction of citrus juices with felodipine and nifedipine
Six men with borderline hypertension took felodipine 5 mg with water, grapefruit juice, or orange juice. The mean felodipine bioavailability with grapefruit juice was 284 (range 164-469)% of thatExpand
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Detection and identification of bacterial DNA in patients with cirrhosis and culture‐negative, nonneutrocytic ascites
The current pathogenic theory of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) in patients with cirrhosis and ascites suggests that repeated episodes of bacterial translocation (BT) from intestinal lumenExpand
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Grapefruit juice—felodipine interaction: Effect of naringin and 6′,7′‐dihydroxybergamottin in humans
To test whether naringin or 6′,7′‐dihydroxybergamottin is a major active substance in grape‐fruit juice‐felodipine interaction in humans.
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A sequential study of serum bacterial DNA in patients with advanced cirrhosis and ascites
Bacterial translocation is currently considered the main pathogenic mechanism leading to spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in patients with advanced cirrhosis and ascites. However, to the authors'Expand
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Serum and ascitic fluid bacterial DNA: A new independent prognostic factor in noninfected patients with cirrhosis
We tested the hypothesis that the presence of bacterial DNA (bactDNA) in ascitic fluid and serum is associated with decreased survival in patients with cirrhosis. In a prospective, multicenter study,Expand
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Effect of grapefruit juice and naringin on nisoldipine pharmacokinetics
The bioavailability of some dihydropyridine calcium antagonists can be markedly augmented by grapefruit juice and may involve the bioflavonoid naringin. The pharmacokinetics of nisoldipine coat‐coreExpand
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Effects of a nutritional supplement on the immune response and cytokine production in free-living Chilean elderly.
BACKGROUND Immune response is impaired in the elderly. Our aim was to study the effects of a special nutritional formula on the immune response and response to influenza and pneumococcal vaccinationExpand
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Grapefruit juice–felodipine interaction: Mechanism, predictability, and effect of naringin
Grapefruit juice produces a marked and variable increase in felodipine bioavailability. The pharmacokinetics of felodipine and its single primary oxidative metabolite, dehydrofelodipine, were studiedExpand
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Grapefruit‐felodipine interaction: Effect of unprocessed fruit and probable active ingredients
To determine whether unprocessed grapefruit can cause a drug interaction, whether the active ingredients are naturally occurring, and whether specific furanocoumarins or flavonoids are involved.
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Iron, copper and immunocompetence.
Microminerals including copper and iron are essential to immunity and health in human beings. The development of powerful tools in analytical cell biology and molecular genetics has facilitatedExpand
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