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Drivers and deterrents of facility delivery in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review
While the most important factors associated with facility-based delivery (FBD) have been explored within individual countries in Africa, no systematic review has explored the factors associated withExpand
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Research Paper: A Content Analysis of E-mail Communication between Patients and Their Providers: Patients Get the Message
We examined the content and tone of a random sample of patient-physician e-mail messages received in the context of an RCT of a staff-triaged e- email system. Expand
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“It’s up to the Woman’s People”: How Social Factors Influence Facility-Based Delivery in Rural Northern Ghana
To explore the impact of social factors on place of delivery in northern Ghana. We conducted 72 in-depth interviews and 18 focus group discussions in the Upper East Region of northern Ghana amongExpand
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Stillbirths and early neonatal mortality in rural Northern Ghana
Objective  To calculate perinatal mortality (stillbirth and early neonatal death: END) rates in the Upper East region of Ghana and characterize community‐based stillbirths and END in terms of timing,Expand
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Bridging the electronic divide: patient and provider perspectives on e-mail communication in primary care.
OBJECTIVE To determine e-mail utilization patterns and attitudes toward e-mail use among primary care physicians and their ambulatory outpatient clinic patients. STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectionalExpand
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'They treat you like you are not a human being': maltreatment during labour and delivery in rural northern Ghana.
OBJECTIVE to explore community and health-care provider attitudes towards maltreatment during delivery in rural northern Ghana, and compare findings against The White Ribbon Alliance's sevenExpand
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Infant nutrition in the first seven days of life in rural northern Ghana
BackgroundGood nutrition is essential for increasing survival rates of infants. This study explored infant feeding practices in a resource-poor setting and assessed implications for futureExpand
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Quality maternity care for every woman, everywhere: a call to action
To improve maternal health requires action to ensure quality maternal health care for all women and girls, and to guarantee access to care for those outside the system. In this paper, we highlightExpand
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Arytenoid cartilage dislocation: a 20-year experience.
SUMMARY Arytenoid cartilage dislocation is an infrequently diagnosed cause of vocal fold immobility. Seventy-four cases have been reported in the literature to date. Intubation is the most commonExpand
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Expanding the Boundaries of Medical Education: Evidence for Cross-Cultural Exchanges
Problem Statement and Background. Cross-cultural experiences are in increasing demand by both graduate and undergraduate medical students, yet the benefits of these experiences are not clearlyExpand
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