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System-Justifying Functions of Complementary Regional and Ethnic Stereotypes: Cross-National Evidence
According to system justification theory, stereotyping is an ideological process that serves to justify the status quo and bolster the legitimacy of the existing social order. The present researchExpand
A comparison between uni- and multidimensional frailty measures: prevalence, functional status, and relationships with disability
Comparing the prevalence of frailty obtained using a uni- and a multidimensional measure and relations between the two frailty measures and disability confirmed that different instruments capture different frail individuals. Expand
Sense of community and participation in urban contexts
This paper questions the conceptions found in the principal theoretical approaches developed within psychological and social sciences to the problem of community and psychological sense of community.Expand
The Adapted Italian Version of the Baller Identity Measurement Scale to Evaluate the Student-Athletes’ Identity in Relation to Gender, Age, Type of Sport, and Competition Level
Results suggest that the Italian version of the BIMS-IT is psychometrically robust and could be adopted for empirical uses, and suggest the higher identity scores reported by younger and higher competition level participants suggest a correspondent higher involvement into the student-athlete role. Expand
Resistant versus Acquiescent Responses to Ingroup Inferiority as a Function of Social Dominance Orientation in the USA and Italy
Social identity theory typically emphasizes how low status group members resist and challenge imputations of inferiority (Tajfel & Turner, 1979), whereas system justification theory emphasizes theExpand
Motivation toward dual career of Italian student-athletes enrolled in different university paths
The present study aimed to investigate motivations for the dual career of Italian student-athletes attending different university courses. For this purpose, the Italian Harmonized version of theExpand
The Role of Legitimizing Ideologies as Predictors of Ambivalent Sexism in Young People: Evidence from Italy and the USA
The studies presented here focus on the relationship between legitimizing ideologies and ambivalent sexism. 544 Italian students (Study 1) and 297 US students (Study 2) completed several scales:Expand
Actual and wished supports to promote a successful dual career according to Italian student-athletes’ point of view
Purpose The present study aimed to investigate the actual and wished supports to promote a successful dual career for Italian student-athletes. Methods An ad hoc questionnaire (nine items) wasExpand
Italian student-athletes only need a more effective daily schedule to support their dual career
Purpose The present study aimed to investigate dual-career issues of Italian student-athletes according to gender, age, type of sport, competition level, university path, and year of attendanceExpand