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PET Tumor Volume Measurements
The objective of this study was to establish the repeatability and reproducibility limits of several volume-related PET image– derived indices—namely tumor volume (TV), mean standardized uptakeExpand
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Isoelectric focusing analysis of peroxidases in flax seedling hypocotyls grown in different light conditions
Peroxidases (EC were studied in flax hypocotyls in order to identify enzymatic isoforms possibly linked to the control of growth by light. Typical kinetic evolutions of the hypocotyl lengthExpand
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In vitro release of isoforms of prolactin from pituitary glands of turkey hens at different physiological stages.
To study the in vitro release of PRL isoforms, anterior pituitary glands from medium white turkeys at various physiological stages were stimulated by cVIP in a perifusion system. Pituitaries were cutExpand
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Quantification of prolactin messenger ribonucleic acid, pituitary content and plasma levels of prolactin, and detection of immunoreactive isoforms of prolactin in pituitaries from turkey embryos
The content of prolactin mRNA as well as total prolactin content and type of isoforms of prolactin were measured in single pituitary glands from turkey embryos and poults. Levels of mRNA andExpand
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Tetrazepam allergy once more detected by patch test
In February 1989, a 63-year-old man, with lumbar intervertebral degenerative arthritis, presented with maculopapular to purpuric lesions on the legs, which had appeared some days after theExpand
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Effect of light on total proteins and peroxidase activities in the culture medium and in the cell-wall fraction of cultured flax cells
Flax cells (Linum usitatissimum L.), derived from hypocotyls, were cultured under white light or in the dark. In the light, cells produced less mass of fresh material but as much dry cell-wall as inExpand
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Pectins in normal and vitreous apple microplants cultured in liquid medium
Normal apple microplants (Pyrus malys cv M26) were obtained when grown in a liquid medium with hydrolysed agar. The microplants became vitreous when grown in a medium without hydrolysed agar. AExpand
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Cell Wall Composition and Morphogenic Response in Callus Derived from Protoplasts of two Fibre flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) Genotypes
Summary Cotyledonary protoplasts of two French fibre flax ( Linum usitatissimum ) cultivars (Ariane and Viking) were isolated and cultured. The optimal conditions for high yield were from 4-5 day oldExpand
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Low levels of emotional awareness predict a better response to dermatological treatment in patients with psoriasis
Background: Personality and emotional factors are thought to influence the onset of psoriasis, the occurrence of relapses, and the sensitivity of this condition to dermatological treatments.Expand
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