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Thermomechanical coupling in shape memory alloys under cyclic loadings: Experimental analysis and constitutive modeling
Abstract In this paper, we examine the influence of thermomechanical coupling on the behavior of superelastic shape memory alloys subjected to cyclic loading at different loading rates. Special focusExpand
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A constitutive model for shape memory alloys accounting for thermomechanical coupling
This paper presents a generalized Zaki–Moumni (ZM) model for shape memory alloys (SMAs) [cf. Zaki, W., Moumni, Z., 2007a. A three-dimensional model of the thermomechanical behavior of shape memoryExpand
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Structure and Magnetism in λ-MnO2. Geometric Frustration in a Defect Spinel
λ-MnO2, a metastable form of manganese dioxide, retains the cubic spinel structure upon lithium removal from LiMn2O4 by soft chemical methods, either electrochemical or acid leaching. The minimumExpand
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A comprehensive approach for fatigue analysis of shape memory alloys
We develop a comprehensive approach for fatigue analysis of SMAs in three steps: first, the determination of the constitutive law allows the computation of the stabilized thermomechanical state ofExpand
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Chemisorption of Benzene on Pt(111), Pd(111), and Rh(111) Metal Surfaces: A Structural and Vibrational Comparison from First Principles
The adsorption mode of aromatic molecules on transition metal surfaces has an important implication in their catalytic transformation. As platinum, palladium, and rhodium metals are some of the mostExpand
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Non‐affine fiber kinematics in arterial mechanics: a continuum micromechanical investigation
Mines Saint-Etienne, Univ Lyon, Univ Jean Monnet, INSERM, U 1059 Sainbiose, Centre CIS, F 42023 Saint-Etienne, France Institute for Mechanics of Materials and Structures, TU Wien Vienna University ofExpand
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DFT study of adsorption and dissociation of thiophene molecules on Ni(110)
The different adsorption possibilities of thiophene (C4H4S) on the Ni(1 1 0) surface have been studied using first principle local-density-functional calculations, with the Vienna ab initioExpand
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Modeling Tensile-Compressive Asymmetry for Superelastic Shape Memory Alloys
In this article, the Zaki-Moumni (ZM) model for shape memory alloys is extended to account for tensile-compressive asymmetry over a wide temperature range. To this avail, a mathematical frameworkExpand
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Time Integration and Assessment of a Model for Shape Memory Alloys Considering Multiaxial Nonproportional Loading Cases
The paper presents a numerical implementation of the ZM model for shape memory alloys that fully accounts for non-proportional loading and its influence on martensite reorientation and phase transformation. Expand
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Fibrillar structure and elasticity of hydrating collagen: a quantitative multiscale approach.
It is well known that hydration of collagenous tissues leads to their swelling, as well as to softening of their elastic behavior. However, it is much less clear which microstructural andExpand
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