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Compact localized states and flat bands from local symmetry partitioning
We propose a framework for the connection between local symmetries of discrete Hamiltonians and the design of compact localized states. Such compact localized states are used for the creation of
Invariants of broken discrete symmetries.
The parity and Bloch theorems are generalized to the case of broken global symmetry. Local inversion or translation symmetries in one dimension are shown to yield invariant currents that characterize
Emitter and absorber assembly for multiple self-dual operation and directional transparency
A recursive scheme for the design of scatterers acting simultaneously as emitters and absorbers, such as lasers and coherent perfect absorbers in optics, at multiple prescribed frequencies is
Local symmetries and perfect transmission in aperiodic photonic multilayers
We develop a classification of perfectly transmitting resonances occuring in effectively onedimensional optical media which are decomposable into locally reflection symmetric parts. The local
Edge modes of scattering chains with aperiodic order.
The study of scattering resonances of one-dimensional deterministic aperiodic chains of electric dipoles using the vectorial Green's matrix method demonstrates that topological edge-modes with characteristic power-law envelope appear in open a periodic systems and coexist with traditional exponentially localized ones.
Local symmetry theory of resonator structures for the real-space control of edge states in binary aperiodic chains
We propose a real-space approach explaining and controlling the occurrence of edge-localized gap states between the spectral quasibands of binary tight binding chains with deterministic aperiodic
PT -symmetry breaking in waveguides with competing loss-gain pairs
We consider a periodic waveguide array whose unit cell consists of a $\mathcal{PT}$-symmetric quadrimer with two competing loss/gain parameter pairs which lead to qualitatively different
Local symmetry dynamics in one-dimensional aperiodic lattices: a numerical study
A unifying description of lattice potentials generated by aperiodic one-dimensional sequences is proposed in terms of their local reflection or parity symmetry properties. We demonstrate that the