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A global ocean carbon climatology: Results from GLODAP
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A comparison of the physics of the northern and southern shelves of the eastern Bering Sea and some implications for the ecosystem
Abstract Sufficient oceanographic measurements have been made in recent years to describe the latitudinal variation in the physics of the eastern Bering Sea shelf and the potential impact of climateExpand
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Meteorology and oceanography of the northern Gulf of Alaska
The Gulf of Alaska shelf is dominated by the Alaska Coastal current (ACC), which is forced by along-shore winds and large freshwater runoff. Strong cyclonic winds dominate from fall through spring,Expand
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Marine environment of the eastern and central Aleutian Islands
To examine the marine habitat of the endangered western stock of the Steller's sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus), two interdisciplinary research cruises (June 2001 and May to June 2002) measured waterExpand
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Observations from a Yakutat eddy in the northern Gulf of Alaska
[1] The impingement of deep basin eddies on the shelf in the Gulf of Alaska has been implicated as an important mechanism for cross-shelf exchange. The influence of eddies on biological processes hasExpand
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Cross-shelf gradients in phytoplankton community structure, nutrient utilization, and growth rate in the coastal Gulf of Alaska
The coastal Gulf of Alaska (CGOA) supports high abundances of invertebrates, fishes, and marine mammals. While variable from year to year, multi-decade fish production trends have been correlatedExpand
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Nutrients and primary production along the eastern Aleutian Island Archipelago
The distribution of nutrients (nitrate, phosphate, and silicic acid), chlorophyll and primary productivity were examined in the central and eastern Aleutian Archipelago. The data were collected fromExpand
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Coupled nitrification‐denitrification in sediment of the eastern Bering Sea shelf leads to 15N enrichment of fixed N in shelf waters
[1] We studied the nitrogen biogeochemistry of the ice-covered eastern Bering Sea shelf using the isotope ratios (15N/14N and 18O/16O) of NO3− and other N species. The 15N/14N of late winter NO3− onExpand
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A comparison between late summer 2012 and 2013 water masses, macronutrients, and phytoplankton standing crops in the northern Bering and Chukchi Seas
Abstract Survey data from the northern Bering and Chukchi sea continental shelves in August–September 2012 and 2013 reveal inter-annual differences in the spatial structure of water masses along withExpand
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Inorganic carbon dynamics during northern California coastal upwelling
Abstract Coastal upwelling events in the California Current System can transport subsurface waters with high levels of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) to the sea surface near shore. As these waters age andExpand
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