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Instrumental analysis of trace elements in thumbnails of human subjects.
Human thumbnails were analyzed for trace elements by instrumental analysis using thermal neutron activation technique. The average concentration of metals studied in clinically symptom-free adultExpand
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Intestinal polyposis associated with mucocutaneous pigmentation.
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Determination of lead in airborne particulates in Chicago and Cook County, Illinois, by atomic absorption spectroscopy
A simple precise procedure for determining the lead content of suspended particulate samples collected from the air uses atomic absorption spectroscopy. It is necessary to utilize the standardExpand
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Instrumental analysis for trace elements present in Chicago area surface air
On April 4, 1968, surface air particulates were collected on cellulose fiber filters simultaneously at twenty-two different locations throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. A 1-cm2 portion of eachExpand
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Studies in the tetraarylborates: Part VI. The preparation and reagent properties of sodium tetrakis(m-chlorophenyl) borate
Abstract Sodium tetrakis(p-chlorophenyl)borate was synthesized. It formed precipitates with K+, Rb+, Cs+, quarternary ammonium and protonated basic nitrogen compounds. The potassium salt was moreExpand
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Determination of Trace Elements in Human Tissue. I. Cd, Fe, Zn, Mg, and Ca
Human tissues obtained at autopsy were analyzed for Cd, Fe, Zn, Mg, and Ca using atomic absorption spectrophotometry. The tissues analyzed included thoracic aorta collected from 46 subjects rangingExpand
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The gravimetric determination of cadmium with the sodium salt of 1-phenyl-tetrazoline-5-thione
Summary The use of the sodium salt of 1-phenyl-tetrazoline-5-thione provides a good method for the quantitative determination of cadmium, yielding a crystalline precipitate which is easily filteredExpand
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Studies in the tetraarylborates
Abstract The stability of sodium tetraarylborates toward acid attack can be enhanced by placing electron-withdrawing substituents at the m - or p -positions of the phenyl rings, thus rendering themExpand
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The Determination of Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, and Iron in Airborne Particulates over the Chicago Metropolitan Area
Samples of air particulates were collected at 21 sampling stations in Chicago and a northern suburb, on 4 April 1968. These samples were analyzed for Ca, Mg, Fe, and Cu by atomic absorptionExpand
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