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The universality of the semantic structure of emotion terms: methods for the study of inter- and intra-cultural variability
The issue of cultural universals versus linguistic relativity is currently one of the most intensely debated topics in sociocultural anthropology. Emotion terms have long served as a contested areaExpand
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Toward a Theory of Culture as Shared Cognitive Structures
A small but important aspect of culture consists of shared cognitive representations of semantic structures that reside as localized functional units in the minds of individuals. In this article weExpand
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Congenital gastric outlet obstruction.
  • C. Moore
  • Medicine
  • Journal of pediatric surgery
  • 1 December 1989
Two additional cases of congenital gastric outlet obstruction are presented. A comprehensive review of the literature was undertaken and as a result a classification for congenital gastric outletExpand
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Material Culture, Geographic Propinquity, and Linguistic Affiliation on the North Coast of New Guinea: A Reanalysis of Welsch, Terrell, and Nadolski (1992)
Welsch et al. (1992) study the frequency of occurrence of 47 artifact types across 31 villages on the North Coast of New Guinea. They find variation in assemblages of material culture to beExpand
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Regions Based on Social Structure
Boas argued that anthropologists should make historical comparisons within well-defined regional contexts. A century later, we have many improvements in the statistical methodologies for comparativeExpand
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Predicting Similarity in Material Culture among New Guinea Villages from Propinquity and Language: A Log-linear Approach [and Comments and Reply]
Application d'une echelle logarithmique specifique a l'etude d'assemblages d'artefacts provenant de villages de la cote nord de Nouvelle-Guinee : le but des auteurs est de presenter une methodeExpand
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Cultural, Gender, and Individual Differences in Perceptual and Semantic Structures of Basic Colors in Chinese and English
In this paper we examine the judged similarity among the eight basic focal colors, and their names, among female and male Chinese (n = 68) and English (n = 52) speaking respondents. The majorExpand
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Systemic Culture Patterns as Basic Units of Cultural Transmission and Evolution
The authors suggest that with slight modifications, the concept of systemic culture pattern as originally defined by Kroeber provides one ideal basic unit of study for culture. Prototypic examples ofExpand
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Medieval Distilling-Apparatus of Glass and Pottery
THIS paper brings together for the first time a selection of medieval glass and pottery distilling-vessels from British sites. A discussion on the technical aspects of distilling by F. GreenawayExpand
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A Cross‐Cultural Historical Analysis of Subsistence Change
A Cross-Cultural Historical Analysis of Subsistence Change Author(s): Candice Bradley, Carmella C. Moore, Michael L. Burton and Douglas R. White Source: American Anthropologist, New Series, Vol. 92,Expand
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