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High-precision VLA flux density measurements for the lensed images of 0218+357 yield a time delay of 10.1 days (95% confidence). This is consistent with independent measurements carried out at theExpand
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Electric field structure in an active part of a small, isolated thundercloud
A balloon carrying an electric field meter and a standard meteorological radiosonde rose into a relatively small, isolated thunderstorm in central New Mexico on July 16, 1977. The electric field, E,Expand
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Relaxation of CO2(1001), CO2(0201), and N2O(1001) vibrational levels by near‐resonant V→V energy transfer
Laser‐excited vibrational fluorescence experiments on CO2 and N2O combination levels were performed using a tunable optical parametric oscillator. Rate constants near gas kinetic were obtained andExpand
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Collisional removal of CH2(1A1): Absolute rate constants for atomic and molecular collisional partners at 295 K
The technique of cw laser resonance absorption has been used to monitor the time evolution of individual CH2(1A1) rotational levels following the excimer laser photolysis of CH2CO. Absolute rateExpand
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Electrical screening layers around charged clouds
Grenet and Vonnegut have shown that an electrified cloud surrounded by conducting clear air acquires an electrical screening layer around its outer boundaries by droplet capture of ions. The processExpand
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Coupling of CH stretching and bending vibrations in trihalomethanes
The vibrational spectra of HCCl3, HCF3, HCCl2F, and HCClF2 have been measured in the vapor from the CH stretching fundamental through to the fifth overtone (i.e., v1=6, where v1 is the number ofExpand
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Thunderstorm on July 16, 1975, over Langmuir laboratory: A case study
The electric field along the path of an instrumented balloon was closely coupled to the wind profile and to the radar echo structure of a weak thunderstorm over Langmuir Laboratory on July 16, 1975.Expand
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Evidence for a Second Molecular Channel in the Fragmentation of Formaldehyde
This paper reports CO(v,J) distributions from photolysis on the 2141, 45, 2161, 2143, and 2341 bands of H2CO and the 2243 band of D2CO. A significant fraction of the CO(v=0) photofragment is found inExpand
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Stark level‐crossing spectroscopy of S0 formaldehyde eigenstates at the dissociation threshold
Spectra of S0 D2CO rovibrational eigenstates with 28 300 cm−1 of vibrational excitation are measured by Stark level‐crossing spectroscopy. In this new method, the lifetime of a single J, K,Expand
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Infrared Spectrum and Vibrational Potential Function of Ketene and the Deuterated Ketenes
Infrared spectra of solid ketene and ketene in argon reveal a new fundamental at lower frequency (CH2CO, 438 cm—1; CD2CO, 371 cm—1; CHDCO, 398 cm—1) than any previously reported. These spectra andExpand
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