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Quantum dynamics of single trapped ions
Single trapped ions represent elementary quantum systems that are well isolated from the environment. They can be brought nearly to rest by laser cooling, and both their internal electronic statesExpand
Experimental Issues in Coherent Quantum-State Manipulation of Trapped Atomic Ions
Methods for, and limitations to, the generation of entangled states of trapped atomic ions are examined. As much as possible, state manipulations are described in terms of quantum logic operationsExpand
Architecture for a large-scale ion-trap quantum computer
Among the numerous types of architecture being explored for quantum computers are systems utilizing ion traps, in which quantum bits (qubits) are formed from the electronic states of trapped ions andExpand
Random numbers certified by Bell’s theorem
We show that the non-local correlations of entangled quantum particles can be used to certify the presence of genuine randomness. Expand
Heating of trapped ions from the quantum ground state
We have investigated motional heating of laser-cooled ${}^{9}{\mathrm{Be}}^{+}$ ions held in radio-frequency (Paul) traps. We have measured heating rates in a variety of traps with differentExpand
Manipulation and detection of a trapped Yb+ hyperfine qubit
We demonstrate the use of trapped ytterbium ions as quantum bits for quantum information processing. We implement fast, efficient state preparation and state detection of the first-order magneticExpand
Quantum Teleportation Between Distant Matter Qubits
Quantum teleportation is the faithful transfer of quantum states between systems, relying on the prior establishment of entanglement and using only classical communication during the transmission. WeExpand
Entanglement of single-atom quantum bits at a distance
Quantum information science involves the storage, manipulation and communication of information encoded in quantum systems, where the phenomena of superposition and entanglement can provideExpand
Experimental entanglement of four particles
Quantum mechanics allows for many-particle wavefunctions that cannot be factorized into a product of single-particle wavefunctions, even when the constituent particles are entirely distinct. SuchExpand
Large-scale modular quantum-computer architecture with atomic memory and photonic interconnects
The practical construction of scalable quantum-computer hardware capable of executing nontrivial quantum algorithms will require the juxtaposition of different types of quantum systems. We analyze aExpand