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ATC-Monitoring When One Controller Operates Two Airports
The paper aims at understanding crucial variables that influence the control of visual attention of tower controllers. Novel concepts for aerodrome control of regional airports consider to remotelyExpand
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Which data provide the best insight? A field trial for validating a remote tower operation concept.
This paper describes the validation of a Remote Tower Control workplace. The study shows how Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) observe traffic from a Tower Control Working Position at AirportExpand
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RemoteCenter: Eine Mikrowelt zur Analyse der mentalen Repräsentation von zwei Flughäfen während einer Lotsentätigkeitsaufgabe
We show to what extend a simultaneous control of two airports results in two mental pictures of the traffic situation. Expand
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Eye movement analysis to evaluate ghosting and targeting aids for controller assistance
The paper is concerned with eye movement data analysis to investigate the effects of assistance tools in air traffic control on information acquisition behaviour. A late merging concept for arrivalExpand
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The Role of Workload for Work Organization in a Remote Tower Control Center
This paper is concerned with which role the workload concept can play for the work organisation in a future remote control tower center. Nowadays you can find a control tower next to each airportExpand
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Monitoring behaviour of tower controllers
This paper provides insights on the tower controllers’ information acquisition while working in a high-fidelity tower simulator. Within the DLR (German Aerospace Center) project RAiCE (Remote airportExpand
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Development of a process for the evaluation of eye-fixation data using dynamic areas of interest
Zielsetzung: Das Hauptziel der Arbeit war das Design, die Implementierung und Validierung eines Toolchains zur Analyse von Blickbewegungsdaten anhand von dynamischen AOIs. Hintergrund: Im Rahmen vonExpand
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Monitoring principles in aviation and the importance of operator redundancy
The aim of this paper is to discuss developments in aviation with respect to their affect on redundancy and dependability of the complex human-automation system, as some highly valuable aspects of the human-human monitoring principle would be irreplaceably lost with the transition to single operator systems. Expand
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Does Cognitive Lockup Depend on the Situation, on the Person, or on an Interaction of Both?
This paper focuses on investigating (a) whether cognitive lockup can be provoked in an experimental setup in a realistic, generic cockpit simulator and (b) whether the occurrence of cognitive lockupExpand
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A Model Based Approach to Cognitive Work Analysis and Work Process Design in Air Traffic Control
In the DLR (Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft und Raumfahrt) project RApTOr (Remote Airport Tower Operation research) new working processes for air traffic controllers will be designed. As a basis for thisExpand
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