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Preparation of High-Coercivity BaFe12O19
Particles of BaFe12O12 were prepared by chemical coprecipitation; their magnetic properties were studied. A coercive force of 6000 Oe, one of the highest reported for isotropic BaFe12O19, wasExpand
Magnetic Properties of W-Type Hexaferrite Powders
An investigation was undertaken to elucidate the preparation conditions and magnetic properties of W-type hexaferrite powders with the formula AM2Fe16O27 (A=Ba or Sr, M=Fe2+, Zn+Cu, Zn+Cd, Zn+Mg). AExpand
Preparation of small particles of SrFe 12 O 19 with high coercivity by hydrolysis of metal-organic complexes
Small particles (50-60nm) of Sr ferrite (SrFe 12 O 19 ) have been synthesized by the hydrolysis method of metal-organic complexes such as metal acetylacetonates or metal ethoxides and subsequentExpand
Soft magnetic properties of CoNbZrN microcrystalline films produced by dc magnetron sputtering
Previously, it was stressed that the magnetically soft amorphous films lose their softness when nitrogen or oxygen is doped in the fabrication process. However, it has been reported thatExpand
Improvement of temperature dependence of remanence in ferrite permanent magnets
A low temperature coefficient of remanence has been found for ferrite permanent magnets in which some of the Fe3+ ions are replaced by non‐magnetic ions in the following ways: 2Fe3+→M2+ + M4+ orExpand