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A short course in international business culture
Violating the Public Trust: The Ethical and Moral Obligations of Government Officials
A persistent issue in public personnel is a concern with violations of the public trust by public servants and elected officials. This article (1) examines the public trust concept, (2) presents aExpand
Philosophical foundations of the law of unjust enrichment
© The Several Contributors, 2009. All rights reserved. This book's chapters are devoted to the philosophical foundations of one of the most dynamic areas of private law - the law of unjustExpand
Remedies for Knowing Receipt
The paper argues that liability for knowing receipt of misdirected trust funds is a wrong-based, fault-based, compensatory liability. When a recipient knowingly receives trust funds to which he isExpand
Underhill and Hayton: Law Relating to Trusts and Trustees
"DIVISION ONE - PRELIMINARY DEFINITIONS DIVISION TWO - EXPRESS OR DECLARED TRUSTS 1. Introduction 2. Matters essential to the prima facie validity of an express trust 3. Validity of declared trustsExpand
Goff & Jones: The Law of Unjust Enrichment
NEW IN THE 8TH EDITION A new writing team of established experts in the field ensures you have the latest and most reliable reference tool Provides a clear introduction to the principles behindExpand
Law relating to trusts and trustees
"Division 1: Preliminary definitions. Division 2: Express or declared trusts. Division 3: Trusts implied by law. Division 4: The administration of a trust. Division 5: The consequences of a breach ofExpand
Paragon Finance Plc v DB Thakerar & Co (A Firm) (1999)
Discusses Millett LJ's 1999 judgment on the limitation rules governing claims for breach of constructive trust in Paragon Finance plc v DB Thakerar & Co.