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Monitoring of wheat lactic acid bacteria from the field until the first step of dough fermentation.
The culture-independent approach confirmed that pediococci and lactobacilli constituted low abundance members of the semolina LAB microbiota and that although some strains may pass from wheat ear to fermented doughs, most are likely to come from other sources. Expand
Computerised image analysis applied to inspection of vetch seeds for varietal identification
This technique was applied to analyse and identify seeds of common vetch varieties using digital images acquired by a flatbed scanner and, on the basis of a Linear Discriminant Analysis algorithm, a statistical classifier able to identify the ten cultivars was implemented. Expand
Effect of thermal treatments on vitality and physical characteristics of bean, chickpea and lentil
The use of thermal treatments for disinfesting seeds of bean, chickpea and lentil represent a physical technique of pest control that can be harmless for seeds destined for crop production or to be stored in germplasm banks. Expand
Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization on the Quality of Swiss Chard at Harvest and during Storage as Minimally Processed Produce
The effects of different levels of nitrogen fertilization (0–50–100–150–200 kg/ha), minimal processing and cold storage (14 days at 4C) on yield and quality of fresh-cut Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris L.Expand
Vanadium(V) Catalysts with High Activity for the Coupling of Epoxides and CO2: Characterization of a Putative Catalytic Intermediate
Vanadium(V) complexes derived from aminotriphenolate ligands are demonstrated to be highly active catalysts for the coupling of various terminal and internal epoxides with carbon dioxide to afford aExpand
Instrumental and sensory evaluation of eating quality of peaches and nectarines.
The influence of flesh firmness on consumer acceptance and its relationship with total soluble solids concentration (TSSC), titratable acidity (TTA) and sensory analysis was studied to understandExpand
Physiological and Technical Aspects of Cactus Pear [Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill.] Double Rellowering and Out-of-Season Winter Fruit Cropping
A commercial cactus pear plantation in Sicily, Italy was manipulated to induce late cropping and polyethylene covering reduced sunlight but was essential for establishing optimal temperatures for cladode photosynthetic activity and fruit growth and ripening. Expand
Effects of irrigation treatments on the quality of table olives produced with the Greek-style process
Interestingly, all explorative multivariate analyses showed low dissimilarity between irrigated trials; thus, the thesis T50 represents an effective approach to save water in olive orchards without compromising the quality of table olives. Expand
Effect of Bacterial Inoculum and Fertigation Management on Nursery and Field Production of Lettuce Plants
The physiological age of lettuce seedlings showed a strong influence on plant growth and production after transplanting, and the bacterial treatment positively affected the yield and nitrate content of lettuce plants. Expand
Heterogeneity of U antibodies