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Luther and Calvin: Religious Revolutionaries
This book explores why it is important to know what Luther and Calvin thought - primarily because the sixteenth-century Reformation began a process of political and intellectual change which not onlyExpand
Education in the Reformation
What did Protestants need to know, and how were they given access to this knowledge? This chapter explores the spread of university and school education in Protestant areas during the sixteenth andExpand
The Role of the Heavens in the Thought of Philip Melanchthon
Philip Melanchthon has long been recognized as one of the central figures in the German Lutheran Reformation. His theological contribution to the Reformation may be found in his codifying of LutheranExpand
Maestlin's Teaching of Copernicus: The Evidence of His University Textbook and Disputations
La biographie du mathematicien M. Maestlin est decrite et montre que ce professeur s'inspira de l'instruction de Copernic dans ses enseignements de la geometrie et de l'astronomie
The “Virgin Widow”: A Problematic Social Role for the Early Church?
In her discussion of the life of Macrina (ca. 327–79), the sister of Gregory of Nyssa, Susanna Elm comments upon Macrina's decision to treat the death of her fiance as if it were the death of aExpand
‘These four letters s o l a are not there’: Language and Theology in Luther's Translation of the New Testament
  • C. Methuen
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  • 1 June 2017
Luther's 1522 translation of the New Testament is one of the most significant translations in Christian history. In it, he offers a translation of Romans 3: 28 which introduces the word allein: ‘SoExpand
The Church and Literature
Christianity and the book have been closely intertwined since the religion's very beginning. The Word itself takes a variety of literary forms: apologetic and polemic texts, sermons, poems, hymns,Expand
Widows, bishops and the struggle for authority in the Didascalia Apostolorum
Recent interest in the position of women in the early Church has stimulated new investigations of texts and documents which consider or define the roles of women. A number of surveys have appearedExpand
Kepler's Tübingen: Stimulus to a Theological Mathematics
Contents: Preface Setting the scene: theology and science, history and the Reformation The University of TA bingen and the educational system in WA rttemberg Mathematics and astronomy in the theologyExpand